Commissioner of Israel Police

Gantz: "To confiscate the appointment of Commissioner from Ben-Gvir"

Gantz During a Tour with Business Owners in the North: "Calls on Netanyahu to Dismiss the Appointment of the Commissioner from Ben-Gvir. Placing the choice in his hands endangers the security of every citizen in Israel."

Benny Gantz (Photo: Chaim Goldberg, Flash90.)

Chairman of the state camp Benny Gantz today (Tuesday) held a tour on personal security and governance in the north, together with MK Gadi Eisenkot and MK Alon Schuster. At the end of the tour he made a statement to the media.

"The State of Israel is burning from within. Its fields are burning, its streets are burning, the roads are burning, the sports fields are burning - and the government is burning. The first task, although not the only one, for which the social contract was created in the country is personal security - and it is broken."

"We are finishing another tour, and a meeting with farmers and business owners who introduced us to the chaos. What starts with protection paid by the state with "security fees", turns into a fatal injury to the livelihood and existence of businesses, and continues to murders between gangs."

"In order to deal with this phenomenon, an in-depth plan is required, along with an emergency plan, as we presented in the state camp - the first steps are the immediate reinforcement of skilled forces and the construction of a dedicated unit in Lahav 433 to deal with the criminal organizations, the construction of the National Guard based on the Border Police and the police, and as part of the Israel Police, along with economic measures, ones that will provide economic security against the protectionist and empty it of its content."

Calls on the Prime Minister to remember his responsibility

"The state should be the insurance company of the patriots who protect the open spaces, who protect Israeli agriculture and build the society and the economy. We in the National Unity (political alliance) raised all these issues and will also present them as bills in the next session of the Knesset to return the Negev and the Galilee to Israel, so that we become a state and not like the government It turned us into a no-man's land."

"But there are things that are not only related to legislation and regulation, but to the ability, management, and desire to deal with the phenomenon. I have already expressed my opinion that Minister Ben-Gvir should be fired and a serious person with appropriate qualifications should be placed in the position, and I repeat it today as well. Besides, soon the police commissioner Kobi Shabtai will finish his job. The appointment of a commissioner is done in the government, and I call on the prime minister to remember his supreme responsibility, to use his authority, and to interview the candidates for commissioners himself."

Netanyahu & Ben-Gvir (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash90.)

This critical decision for the State of Israel and its citizens must not be left in the hands of Ben Gvir. Those who record the commissioner and leak sensitive discussions, those who fail daily in managing personal security, and those who are anti-state figures, cannot appoint a commissioner at such a time. Placing the choice in his hands is the loss of the personal security of every citizen in Israel."

"The Prime Minister, in consultation with professionals, must appoint the next commissioner, and not neglect this strategic role. I call on all government ministers to show responsibility and vigilance, and not raise their hand in favor of appointing a commissioner who will serve the regime and not the state."

harms entire parts of society

"We are going through difficult days during these holidays. Some say that we are in a religious war or seek to bring us into it. Phenomena that go against the entire Jewish ethos of 'Love every person created in the image of god', come to the point of spitting in the face of Christian clergy. in Israeli society".

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (Photo: Olivia Fitussi, Flash90.)

"It is appropriate that he retracts and clarifies his words in a way that does not imply two sides. This is important for the entire Israeli society. And besides these, tongue-lashing on the network about women wearing headscarves, and persecution of members of the public against each other, are also inappropriate. I of course condemn all these actions, But we should not be satisfied with condemnations - we should stop."

"We are close enough to the border with Hezbollah which reminds us of the need to remain strong and united. The wars of the Jews and the Israelis all between us must be stopped now. It is possible and obligatory to argue, and certainly to demonstrate and express our democratic opinion. We must not do this out of hatred, we must not forget who the real enemies are. And what are we fighting for? If we hate each other, there will be no point in wars over our land, nor in struggles over its character."


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