Smotrich Arrived In Huwara

Smotrich arrived in Huwara: "We can't continue like this"

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and the head of the Samaria Council Yossi Dagan held a meeting in Huwara and urged the security establishment to step up the fight against terrorism: "The Israeli government must order the IDF to launch an intensive operation"

(Photo: Roy Hadi)

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich met with the head of the Samaria Council Yossi Dagan today (Friday) in Huwara and demanded that the security establishment change its policy towards terrorism.

During a tour by the minister together with Yossi Dagan and MK Zvi Sukkot, they urged the heads of the security system: "We demand a change of perception in the security system, much more defense and much more attack, it is impossible to continue like this"

The visit of the two to the Gav HaHar settlements. They arrived at the office of MK Sukkot at the place where the shooting was carried out at the Steiner family's vehicle, which was miraculously saved. At the scene, Smotrich held a working meeting with the head of the council and the leaders of the settlements on the steps required to eradicate terrorism and strengthen the settlements. The minister heard the claims of the settlements' leaders and the head of the council Yossi Dagan.

"Increase the pace of countermeasures against terrorism"

Minister Smotrich commented on the recent events: "Judea and Samaria are in the midst of a wave of terrorism that began during Operation Guardian of the Walls and has continued for more than two years. This wave of terrorism is directed directly by Iran and through Hezbollah, which is pushing weapons, war materials, and budget into the area and recruiting terrorist operatives.

The Israeli security system must internalize and act following the characteristics of this wave and adapt the course of action required to deal with it well and quickly, which will save human lives and restore security and the sense of security to the settlers and the citizens of Israel."

According to the minister: "I had a long discussion with the Prime Minister yesterday about the matter and made it clear to him that this cannot continue. I get the impression that he understands and agrees with the required change of approach. We agreed to continue discussing the matter in depth today, and in the coming days, and I hope that together with the Minister of Defense we will be able to lead to the policy change, that is required after decades of the dangerous Oslo concepts. We will not rest until, with God's help, we restore security and peace to all the citizens of Israel.

(Photo: Roy Hadi)

He further added: "If we do not act now, we will have to act much more aggressively in the future and pay a high price for it, God forbid. Operational change is required to increase the rate of countermeasures in the face of the rate of terrorism, it is possible and in a short time can bring about a significant change. I call on the Prime Minister to keep the closure on The stores until the bypass axis opens.

Finally, he referred to the construction in the localities in the region: "Also, we are committed to the continued development of the settlement in the construction, regulation, development of infrastructures, and in strengthening the personal and community resilience of the settlers, and in this way, we will increase speed with God's help in the coming period."

"To go on an intensive operation as in Operation Defensive Shield"

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council, who met with Smotrich, said: "I call on the Prime Minister, I call on all the dear ministers of the government to give the IDF the directive forever to stop the security lawlessness! We are not ready to be numbered in the statistics of unnecessary terrorism. After the murder of the Fogel family, we cried, we were sorry, and we knew that everyone was doing everything they could.

According to him: "Today, unfortunately, this is not the case. Everyone knows that the shops in Huwara must be closed as long as the Huwara bypass is not opened. Everyone knows that this bullshit of returning barriers when the media is interested and removing them later cannot continue. There is no such thing as a random barrier, there should be a permanent security barrier to prevent the Leakage of weapons to the main axes as was the case in the past, the Israeli government must order the IDF to launch an intensive, comprehensive daily operation as was the case in the period after the Operation Defensive Shield in order to exterminate terrorism."

He added: "The settlement in Samaria is strong. We are believers, we are Zionists, we are determined, and we will stand up and defend the security of all the citizens of the State of Israel from here. But my residents, Mr. Prime Minister, do not deserve to be ducks in the range.

"My residents who are pioneers who live in difficult conditions deserve security and we will not make concessions to this government because we elected it precisely because this government does so many good things and changes and corrects the policies of the previous government. We cannot understand why in the security issue it has not yet made a change Dramatic and strategic than what the previous government did? We demand security, we demand from the government to come to your senses already, stop this lawlessness, it's in the blood."

MK Zvi Sukkot: "After decades of 'Oslo' that brought us more and more security escalations and casualties, we are obliged to change the disk. We are committed to changing this perception of security. We are committed to maintaining the safety of the residents of Judea and Samaria with great determination and with clear and unequivocal steps that will lead to the return of deterrence and increased governance."


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