Roi Weiser, hy"d

Among the dead from Golani: Roi Weiser from Efrat

In a statement published by the head of the Efrat Council, he wrote: "With deep sorrow and a broken heart, we announce the falling of a member of our community. I have known Roi since he was a little boy and was a terrific soccer player. May you be comforted from heaven"

Roi Weiser, hy"d (credit: Efrat spokesman)

Among the casualties in the clashes with the terrorists was Roi Waizer, hy"d. In a statement published by Efrat Council head Oded Revivi, it was written: "With deep sorrow and a broken heart, we announce the falling of a member of our community, Roi Chaim Weiser, may his memory be blessed."

"'The nations will sing praises with him, for He will avenge the blood of His servants, and He will cleanse His land and His people.' Condolences and a heartfelt hug to the extended Weiser family, and to the grandparents Peiper. I knew Roi since he was a little boy and a huge soccer player. May you find comfort from the heavens."

Earlier, it was reported that the number of casualties in the war in the South has risen to over 600 people, as estimated today (Sunday) by officials in the security establishment. In addition to that, there are 2,048 injured individuals who have been admitted to hospitals so far.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 20 individuals in critical condition, 330 in serious condition, 396 in moderate condition, 967 in mild condition, 45 suffering from anxiety, and 188 under medical evaluation.

The Ministry of Health also updates that starting from this morning, health clinics will provide additional emotional support through 3 therapeutic calls by professionals. This support is in addition to the emergency hotlines previously announced by the health clinics.

For coordination, you can contact the following numbers:

- Clalit: Emotional support *2708 from 07:00 to 20:00.

- Leumit: Via Telem from 08:00 to 22:00. Emergency line: 054-9292273. WhatsApp response: 054-9299973.

- Maccabi: Via Telem from 08:00 to 22:00. *3028.

- Meuhedet: National center 24/7. *3833.

Hospital emergency centers:

- Soroka Medical Center: 12-55-177

- Barzilai Medical Center: 1255171

- Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital: 1255182

- Kaplan Medical Center: 1255181

- Shamir Assaf Harofeh Medical Center: 1255188

- Wolfson Medical Center: 1255135

- Sheba Medical Center: 1255131

- Ichilov Hospital: 1255-133

- Hadassah Medical Center Ein Kerem: 1255122

- Shaare Zedek Medical Center: 1255125

- Beilinson Hospital: 1255134

- Schneider Children's Medical Center: 1255136

- Rambam Health Care Campus: 1255144

- Bnei Zion Medical Center: 1255145

- Hillel Yaffe Medical Center: 1255166

- Ziv Medical Center: 1255161

- Meir Medical Center: 1255199

- Laniado Hospital: 1255191

- Galilee Medical Center: 1255141


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