Ben Gvir's Condition for an Emergency Government

After Gantz and LIberman declared their agreement to enter into an emergency government, Ben Gvir announced that so long as they agree on the government's goals to crush the military and political power of Hamas, Otzmah Yehudit will welcome such a government.

Ben Gvir and Bibi. (Photo: Oliver Pitusi/Flash90)

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir responded this morning to Gantz and Liberman's stated readiness to enter into an emergency government that so long as they support crushing the Hamas government, they are welcome.

In his statement to the press, Ben Gvir said: "So long as the basis of agreement for entry into the government is that the mission defined for the IDF by the government is complete victory and the crushing of Hamas' military and political power, Otzma Yehudit will welcome such a broad emergency government. Israel is facing an emergency. We must unite and win."

Yesterday (Sunday), State Camp Party chairman Benny Gantz held a press conference where he said "In this time, when the best of our sons and daughters are enlisting in the reserves, when we mourn hundreds of killed, when we all pray for the well-being of thousands of wounded, kidnapped, and missing, we must also take responsibility and enlist as leaders. This is the time to unite the leadership ranks for time of war.

"I informed the Prime Minister that I am ready to present myself at the front and discuss the joining of the State Camp and hopefully other opposition parties to the government, with the aim of creating a war cabinet, which will manage the Gaza theater, and all the other theaters. If we are given a real chance to influence and participate in the running of the war, we will enlist until its end. And if he chooses not, the defense establishment and the government will receive backing from us in the State Camp from the outside for any determined and responsible move."


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Hezbollah, Targeted Assassination

Targeted assassination in Syria: Hezbollah vehicle in flames after drone strike

A Hezbollah vehicle was struck by an Israeli drone, killing one.

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Victory for Israeli PR: Another country to label Hamas as a terrorist organization

The government in New Zealand has placed Hamas on its terror list. "The attacks on October 7 shattered the idea that the political and military arms of Hamas could be separated."

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Israel-Gaza War, PTSD

IDF opens new mental health center to help provide rapid treatment for battle trauma

According to the IDF, some 85% of soldiers who needed treatment for battle response ended up being fit to return to their units.

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As Sderot children go back to school, hotlines are set up to help get life back to normal

The Education Ministry has opened up a number of hotlines for educational or emotional needs of children returning home after months of evacuation.

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Watch: Hezbollah rockets fall mere meters from moving car

Passengers in a moving vehicle in the Western Galilee documented some of the projectiles fired by Hezbollah in the early morning hours, which fell mere meters from them. 

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

IDF CoS: "Hezbollah needs to pay a very heavy price" for joining war on October 7

Chief of Staff Halevi toured the North with other senior officers and provided support and encouragement - and a warning for Hezbollah.

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

IDF continues to pound Hezbollah in Lebanon

Air Force planes continue to strike Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, while helicopters and artillery struck identified threats elsewhere.

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Israel-Gaza War

IDF releases map with bird's eye view of Gaza Strip and location of some of Hamas' bases and factories

The IDF continues to publicize the location of Hamas warfare sites underneath civilian areas, releasing a map showing just some of these discoveries.

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IDF, Jordan Valley

Mass weapons smuggling effort foiled in Jordan Valley

Two residents of the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp were arrested in the Jordan Valley while trying to smuggle a large number of arms into Israeli territory.

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Israel-Gaza War

Watch: Terrorist fires mortars from Gaza, is eliminated within minutes

A Hamas terrorist firing mortars from Gaza was identified by the Gaza Division war room and eliminated from the air. Watch:

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Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

IDF reveals strategic tunnel meant for Hamas leaders, equipped for a long stay

Another tunnel meant to allow Hamas senior leaders to spend an extended period of time underground was discovered in Khan Yunis and destroyed.

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Israel-Gaza War, Iran, Syria

Arab report: IDF strikes additional Iran-affiliated weapons storage facilities in Syria

Following the strike against a luxury building in Syria attributed to Israel, another strike has reportedly been carried out against Iranian weapons storage facilities.

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