Sirens in Ashkelon and Ashdod, Reports of Direct Hits

After a number of hours of focus on events in the north, fire on the south was renewed, with sirens going off in Ashkelon, Ashdod, and settlements in the Lachish area. Ashkelon reported a direct hit to a structure, and 2 people were injured by shrapnel.

(Photo: Ichud Hatzalah Spokesperson)

After a few hours of relative quiet, fire on the south was renewed, with red color sirens going off in Gaza Perimeter settlements as well as Ashkelon, Ashdod, and settlements in the Lachish area. There was also a report of a hostile aircraft penetrating Nir Oz, with residents called on to stay in their homes.

According to initial reports, a number of direct hits were registered against buildings in Ashkelon. Magen David Adom reported that two people were lightly injured, a 60 year old man hit by shrapnel and a 40 year old woman evacuated to Barzilai hospital.

The rocket salvo comes after the IDF struck many targets in the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours. Documentation published today showed the extent of the damage to the neighborhoods of Shijaiyeh and al-Furqan, which serve as terror bases for Hamas for launching multiple terror attacks against Israel. According to the IDF spokesperson, over 450 targets throughout the neighbourhood were hit.

During the night, dozens of fighter planes struck over 200 targets throughout the neighborhood of al-Furqan, and over 70 Hamas targets in the area of Daraj Tuffah, alongside a military structure used by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. At the same time, dozens of fighter planes struck over 80 targets throughout Beit Hanoun.

Among other targets, the IDF struck at two bank branches serving Hamas' efforts at funding terror in the strip, an underground terror tunnel inside the Strip, and two operational command posts serving the terror organization in directing terror attacks towards Israel. The IDF also struck at two Hamas compounds in the Strip which served for training terror activists and producing and storing weapons. The headquarters of Hamas' northern brigade was destroyed at one of the compounds.


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Hostage release, ceasefire deal, Israel-Hamas

Proposal: Breakthrough in the dispute over the Hostage Deal

A breakthrough in the Philadelphia Axis issue: Israel, Egypt, and the United States have formulated a proposal to Hamas aimed at resolving the dispute over control of the axis. The IDF conveyed a message to the diplomatic level that they could accommodate such a plan since Hamas lacks the capability to build tunnels.

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Report: Sinwar sent Israel a message before October 7th

News 12 journalist, Yaron Avraham, revealed tonight that Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, delivered a message to Israel several weeks before the October 7 attack, but it was not properly interpreted.

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Turkey as Iran's puppet: FM Katz slams Erdogan for allowing Hamas to plan terror attacks on Turkish soil

Following the revelation of a student terror cell in Bir Zeit funded by Hamas from Turkey, Foreign Minister Katz slammed the country for allowing it to happen on their soil.

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IDF spokesman: "The attack in Yemen is an international interest and required careful planning"

IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari addressed the media regarding Israel's military operation in Yemen.

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IDF fighters eliminate a terrorist squad in Rafah, Fighting in Gaza continues

Givati Brigade's combat team identified terrorist installations in Rafah, including sites with PGMs ready for launch. The IDF's operations in the Gaza Strip persist across ground, air, and sea.

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IDF: This is why the drone was mistakenly not targeted before striking Tel Aviv

The IDF completed a probe into the failure to stop the drone from striking Tel Aviv last Friday, citing a number of errors which are now being corrected.

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IDF releases first person footage of Yemen strike | Watch

The IDF released footage showing the air strike in Yemen in retaliation for the drone attack on Tel Aviv. Watch:

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20 Hamas terrorists killed last Thursday include accomplice to lethal attack in 2003

The IDF eliminated Nemer Hamida last Thursday, who took part in planning a terrorist attack killing three IDF soldiers in 2003.

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Houthis update: This is how we will respond to Israel's attack

Yahya Sari', the military spokesperson for the Houthis, has threatened that his organization will not remain silent regarding Israel's attack, clarifying their intentions: "Tel Aviv is no longer a safe zone."

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Hamas attack planned by Palestinian students with Turkish connections foiled

An attack planned by students from Bir Zeit University and directed from Hamas's headquarters in Turkey has been prevented by the ISA.

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