Enough With the Slander!

They trample the settlers and there is no opposition. Enough already!

The latest news once again ridicule a whole community, and everything goes. It is allowed to say that the settlers are lowlife murderers, to say that they are dangerous, that they are animals of prey. We have exhausted this demonization.


Usually, I'm nice. I'm all for unity and love.

But the truth must be shouted.

Systems madness, for several weeks the slander against the settlers has been breaking records of demonization.

Just this week, a settler was arrested and immediately accused of murder when he defended himself. Let's say we all agree that he was injured and then fired, not the other way around. They treat us the way they treated blacks before the Civil War; we are the new subhumans, demonized, anything goes.

Have you read the recent tweet by Shikma Bressler on Twitter? She writes: "Gangs of fascist Jews are carrying out pogroms in Arab villages against their inhabitants. Jews go on murder and killing sprees on Friday evenings, committing crimes with impunity"… Madness!! Do you live on the same planet?!

And Benny Gantz is joining the chorus: "In front of us, a dangerous Jewish nationalist terror is developing…" and a plethora of demonization directed towards Knesset member Limor Son-Har Melech. It's allowed to tarnish her, curse her, take her out of context, and there's no one to stop it here.

So at least we are shouting for our most basic right to live and the right to justice and dignity and defense, at least as much as you defend the rights of the cursed terrorists.


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Shas leader Deri to Gantz: Reconsider your decision - Israel above all

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