"I Sobered Up"
The Ultra-Orthodox Leftist Admits: "After 7/10 I Sobered Up"

The ultra-Orthodox jurist, media personality Dov Halbertal, admits in a short conversation that after October 7th he sobered up: "I was one of the leaders of the concept to give Hamas everything so that Gaza would become Singapore."

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 31.12.23

Complete Victory

Not Only the Elimination of Hamas: this is the Moment When We will Win the War in Gaza

The elimination of Hamas? For sure. Returning the captives? Without a doubt. Settlement in the strip that will protect the envelope? A necessary conclusion. But all these are not enough.

Rabbi Daniel Sigron | 25.12.23

Blame is Solely on Hamas

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: The Blood is Only on the Hands of Hamas and its Supporters

We must not burden the fighters with even a tiny particle of guilt. The blame is solely on the brutal kidnappers from Hamas and all their supporters.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu | 17.12.23

Biden - The Gift That Keeps On Giving To Sinwar

Sinwar Never Dreamed that His Lifeline Would Come From Biden

Biden tries again and again to please the democratic current in the US and to strive for the establishment of a Palestinian state. If Israel even thinks of going in this direction, it is a spit in the face of the murdered, the hostages, and the soldiers who give their lives for us.

Chani Edri | 29.11.23

Not at Any Cost

Return the Abductees, but not at Any Cost

If the families of the abductees had known that the Shalit deal would lead twelve years later to the Seventh of October, they would certainly have opposed it completely, and rightly so. The state is responsible for returning all the abductees, down to the last one, but not at any cost.

Pasit Siach | 23.11.23

Yahya Sinwar Thanks You

Did You Demand a Prisoners Deal? Yahya Sinwar Thanks You

Every Israeli voice in the media in favor of a deal raises the price of Hamas a little more. Sinwar knows that the Jewish sentiment can be squeezed more and more. Every article in a newspaper in favor of a deal will cause further hardening of the conditions, additional clauses, additional demands. And the journalists don't learn.

Arye Yoeli | 20.11.23

Freeing Abductees: Moral Guidelines

The Way to Free the Abductees: Moral and National Guidelines

The goal of the war should be victory and the defeat of the enemy, along with ensuring the nation's security in the future. The national goal prevails over private considerations. Just as this is true of a soldier in combat mode, so is it true of a prisoner. Rabbi Tamir Granot on ethical aspects of the return of the abductees.

Rabbi Tamir Granot | 14.11.23

The New Month of Kislev

Sivan Rahav-Meir: It Came Exactly On Time

After a physical and practical victory in this world, it turns out that anything can happen. Everything can surprise for the better, a small jar of oil finally shines for eight days, and the light is greater than anything we could have imagined.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 14.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Salvation

Take a Long Breath | Rabbi Hagai Londin

This period will end one day, and it is already possible to discern the revelations that have grown and will grow out of the darkness. We would like salvation to grow without all these pains, but it is not up to us to decide.

Rabbi Hagai Londin | 13.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Creativity

The Fighting on the Lebanese border: The IDF Forgot what Creativity Is

For five weeks now, the IDF's activity in the north has been limited to reactionary fire and preventive fire. When tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated from their homes and the conflict line is shut down, this ping pong game against Hezbollah is a loss. Where is the creativity?

Arye Yoeli, JFeed Staff | 13.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Opinion

The Dead in Gaza are not only Because of "Christian Morality"

Good and intelligent people are mistaken to think that there is no need for casualties in the battlefield at all and in fact, all the casualties are a result of moral weakness. When correct moral intuition meets a lack of understanding of the practical and harsh realities of war, ideas devoid of reason are born, and another unnecessary heartache emerges.

Eliyahu Ben-Asher | 05.11.23


The People of Israel Neutralized the Effective Tool of Hamas

Last night, the Israeli public made sure to tell Hamas, "No more." The murderous organization's desire is to see us weakened, and yesterday was a moment of pure courage and understanding, both among Netanyahu's opponents and his supporters.

Chani Edri | 01.11.23

Dr. Pinchasi's Response to Rabbi Ariel

The train has already left the station | Response to Rabbi Yaakov Ariel

Many Orthodox rabbis permit women to carry the Torah scroll. Every year, there are more and more Orthodox minyanim (prayer quorums) where both men and women participate, and women dance with the Torah, ascend to the Torah, and read from it

Dr. Channa Pinchasi | 04.10.23

Rabbi Shmuel Reiner

On spitting and human dignity: "The weapon of the weak and the poor"

Jews spat on pilgrims, adding insult to injury by saying that this was an ancient Jewish custom. There were times when there were indeed good and worthy reasons for hostility between Jews and Christians, but today we live in a different world. A halachic and moral perspective

Rabbi Shmuel Reiner | 03.10.23

Rabbi Thau's Case

Rabbi Thau's case: Rabbi Teharlev's conclusion from the meeting with the complainants

Rabbi Ohad Teharlev met with the complainants against Rabbi Zvi Thau and published his findings from the meeting: "Who, if not us, will bring their cry to the city square?"

Rabbi Ohad Teharlev | 28.09.23

Prayer Gatherings

The person praying in the public space is rude to God

I suggest to the people of Rosh Yehudi to organize prayer gatherings here and in the future in halls that will be adapted as temporary synagogues. Prayer is not a protest. Excellent prayer is that which is said from a broken and contrite heart

Rabbi Efraim Zalmonovich | 27.09.23

The Massacre In Basmat Tab'un

How do I know that the massacre at Basmat Tab'un is of no interest to any minister in the government?

How do I know that the massacre in Basmat Tab'un, in which 5 family members were murdered by assassins, is of no interest to any of the government ministers? Because they didn't even issue the clichéd messages procedure of updating the situation

Arye Yoeli, JFeed Staff | 27.09.23


The 3 words that revealed which side Herzog is on

Most citizens didn't think we would reach this point. The vast majority simply didn't believe it was possible. However, a small group of people who just longed for it to happen taught us what naivety is. Has anyone not had the alarm activated for them yet?

Shlomo Kuperman | 26.09.23

I Was at Dizengoff Square

Personal testimony: I was at Dizengoff Square, it was terrible

The protesters who had gathered didn't need much to rise up and shout for the sake of democracy. Some of them tied themselves with zip ties to the stage. A young man who started misbehaving was arrested for a few hours. The situation was difficult, and the worshippers dressed in white who began to pour into the square looked bewildered, at a loss, shocked, and humiliated

Eitan Elhadez-Barak | 26.09.23

The Haters of Judiasm are a Minority

The haters of Judaism and the blowers of horns are a minority

The evil inclination wants us to be alarmed by a few dozen blowers of horns that the media is trying to amplify in order to disrupt the atmosphere. Don't let it! Its method is to give the impression that Jewish haters are the majority; they are not

Rabbi Hagai Londin | 26.09.23