"I Want to Be a Commander"

The young man from Samaria who completed a special forces training course in a special column

"At the point where I almost reached exhaustion, my team leader approached me and whispered a sentence that filled me with tremendous strength. At that very moment, I decided: I want to be a commander. Specifically, in the navy."

(Photo: IDF spokesman)

Hello everyone, I'm Second Lieutenant Erez Isaacs from Sha'ar HaShomron, a graduate of Naval Officer Course 147, and I want to tell you a bit about the Naval Officer Course.

The Naval Officer Course trains officers and soldiers to command various naval vessels. The course lasts for two years and four months and is considered one of the toughest and most prestigious courses in the IDF.

Before joining the army, I met a Naval Officer who explained to me the essence and importance of the role. I understood that the Naval Officer path is where I can contribute the most of myself and simultaneously develop and grow as a person. I aimed to get into the Naval Officer Course through a day of reconnaissance, and I succeeded.

An experience that stands out for me from the course happened towards the end of my unit's basic training, during a journey in the Eilat Mountains. I decided to push myself to the limit: at the beginning of the journey, I picked up the stretcher and decided I wouldn't put it down until the end of the trip.

With every kilometer we covered, the stretcher felt heavier and heavier. By midnight, I couldn't lift my legs anymore and had to drag them through the sand and rocky terrain in the mountains. I told myself, "Don't stop, don't give up, no matter what!" At a point where I almost reached the end of my strength, my team leader approached me and whispered: "I see how much effort you're putting in, I'm proud of you, keep it up."

At that very moment, I found new strength and found myself carrying the stretcher for the rest of the journey, twice the distance we had covered up to that point. This event taught me the power of a commander and how his word can turn his soldiers' reality upside down, filling them with strength. It was there that I finally decided that I wanted to be a commander, especially on a ship at sea, where the challenges are so abundant.

In summary, Cycle 147, dear friends, dear family: we have passed an empowering two years and four months, and now we march shoulder to shoulder in the ranks at the graduation ceremony. Let's remember the beautiful moments we've had and imagine what the shared future holds for us. I'm sure we'll maintain a close bond, and I wish for us to not forget to appreciate and enjoy the journey.


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