Symbols of the State

The left "stole" the right's flags

After the right "stole" peace from the left in the Abraham Accords, the left decided to "take from the right" the symbols of the state and the flag of Israel after strongly opposing their use

A demonstration in front of the Knesset (Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash 90)

One of the things Netanyahu excels at is shattering paradigms, making the impossible possible. The most prominent example of this is establishing peaceful relations with Arab states, even without reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians. It's not just another achievement to boast about.

However, one of the criticisms leveled against Netanyahu by the left during his first decade as prime minister was the lack of establishing relations with Arab countries surrounding us, to implement Shimon Peres's plan, which he called the 'New Middle East.' And behold, Netanyahu manages to create a bypass route around the Palestinians to establish peace and normalization relations with nearby and distant Arab countries in a way different from that pursued by the left.

The failure of the peace agreement with the Palestinians, the so-called 'Oslo Agreement' and its burial in a grave by none other than the Prime Minister at the time, Ehud Barak, who had a taste of disappointment with the Palestinian Authority and its leader Arafat. While he went far in territorial concessions to promote the failed agreement of the left, in his insistence on continuing to raise the flag of peace, he got a cold shoulder from Yasser Arafat.

The left "stole" the right's flags

It seems that an unofficial ceremony of flag exchange takes place between the left and the right. While the right aims to establish peace in a way that guarantees the country's security, economic prosperity, and its standing in the world, the left remains leaderless, without direction, and without flags to wave in the eyes of the public. The solution offered to them by advertising companies is to use flags that the right-wing public proudly displays.

They are the symbols of the country. Those who saw the hanging of flags on Independence Day as a pointless flamboyant act, taunting our Palestinian enemy, were forced to proudly raise the flag at all protest demonstrations, not without using it to use violence against right-wing elected officials.

Demonstrators wave a giant model of the Declaration of Independence, in Tel Aviv (Photo: Tomer Neuberg, Flash 90)

Those who omitted in state ceremonies the sentence: 'Nefesh Yehudi Homia' from the state anthem, in order to adapt it to the entire population of Israel, were forced to place a monument of the Declaration of Independence in the center of the demonstration and asked to see the scroll as a legal constitutional document on which they could lean, in order to raise the status of the judiciary above the legislature and executive authorities.

The right did not abandon its flags

This too, not without ignoring the Jewish part of it and David Ben-Gurion's clarification that it should not be considered a legal document as a constitution. Now has come the stage of using the Ten Commandments that appear in the Pentateuch of Exodus and Deuteronomy in the Torah. The 'Hotum' organization revealed the new campaign of the protest leaders to rewrite the text of the Ten Commandments, to omit the name of God from it and to denigrate it as a religiously sacred document.

In the absence of public support, which is dwindling in the protests, the Kaplan force is busy replacing the flags day and night to preserve the fading flame of protest. The people on guard for raising the flags also changed from time to time. It was the economists, the academics, the doctors, the pilots and the judges who embarrassed themselves one by one, damaging their reputation and professional neutrality.

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in his office, there was no legal text in the Declaration of Independence (Courtesy: The National Photograph Collection)

The stinging failure of their humiliation is that despite their actions, they were unable to get a million people to protest in the streets as they had dreamed. At best, ten percent of that followed them as a herd. The right, which knew how to go out en masse in demonstrations against the Oslo agreement, chose on the other hand to wave the flag of statehood. In fact, it never abandoned its path, its faith and its flags and never went out of its way to confront the protestors.

The program of corpses in the Yarkon and the story of a slave girl

For the right, by voting on election day it expressed its opinion and did not have to stand for 'street battles', to which it was called by the protestors. All that is left for it to do is to remove the masks of hypocrisy from the faces of the protestors and reveal their true intention to overthrow the legitimately elected government, to embarrass them for the use of the costumes of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and 'The White Clothes Protest' and to reveal the plan of 'Bodies in the Yarkon', the hidden black flags and PLO flags.

In the absence of leadership on the left, every flag bearer on Kaplan is a man. Left-wing elected officials in the Knesset are left with nothing but to remain silent, salute the deteriorating protesters leading them into the depths of oblivion, and join the BDS movement in Israel and abroad to undermine the government and the country.


Yehudit Ohana is a pedagogical supervisor and leads development and empowerment processes in the educational system.


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