Rabbi Yigal Levinstein

Not only Rabbi Levinstein was attacked, but all of us

Rabbi Yigal Levinstein was attacked yesterday for coming to teach Judaism in Tel Aviv. The attackers silenced not only him but everyone who wants this country to continue to be Jewish as well as democratic

Rabbi Yigal Levinstein (Photo: Yoni Meir)

It started as a protest, the right to demonstrate, freedom of speech, everything is good. But it hasn't been there for a long time. What Rabbi Yigal Levinstein went through yesterday was an attack, a very blatant and violent attack.

I just think that if, for example, Aviv Geffen had entered the settlements and was received like that because of his views, what a carnival there would be in the media, administrative orders would be issued to all the settlers wherever they are.

And even if you say it's only a handful of extreme people, then where are the moderates who were happy? Where are the protest leaders? Why was there no news in 'YNET' and 'Mako'? No one is crying out for this unimaginable violence? And Merav Michaeli still justifies the violence. This is madness! Benny Gantz is trying to moderate this and is badly hurt as a result.The liberalism of the left to accept everyone as they are is simply a satire of the situation.

Yesterday's attempt to shut Rabbi Yigal's mouth proved once again that neither reform nor trial is of interest to the protest leaders what they want is to kick the 'Jew' out of the 'Jewish-democratic' state-pair, and this, my friends, is a lost war.


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'Shocked By The Attack'

Beit Hillel rabbis support Rabbi Levinstein: 'Shocked by the attack'

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Rabbi Yigal Levinstein

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Benny Gantz condemned

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"It is Justified"

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