Amiram Ben Uliel

Blood plot: In the right-wing, they do not support murder, they just want a fair trial

Although everyone who contributed to the fight to investigate the truth in the Duma case, made it clear that he was strongly opposed to the murder, the left decided to crack a new blood plot - 'the right supports the murder of a family'. And if you are sure that Ben Uliel is the murderer, why are you so afraid of a retrial?

Amiram Ben-Uliel (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash90.)

In recent times, a new storm was registered, when the leftists in the media and politics were shocked by the mobilization of the right to demand a "justice trial for Amiram Ben Uliel".

So, first of all, it is important to note that I oppose any murder of innocents, whether they are Arabs or Jews, it is terrible, it is vile, it is an act that must not be done, and there is no forgiveness for it and such a murderer should spend the rest of his life in prison. But this is exactly the point where once again the mainstream media spreads a fake about the right and presents the religious Zionist rabbis as "terrorist supporters".

There is no symmetry between the Arab MKs who support the terrorists to the call for finding out the truth

All the rabbis and members of the public who contributed to the campaign made it clear that they are against the murder of innocents, but this did not stop the left-wing reporters from inventing the new plot - "The right supports murder, the rabbis support a terrorist". Increase the number of journalists and compare the Arab members of Knesset who openly support terrorists, members of Knesset who visited terrorists in prison, who participated in martyr conferences, and who advised the murderer Yasser Arafat, and Jewish members of Knesset who strongly condemned the murder but challenged the integrity of the Shin Bet in the controversial investigation of Amiram Ben Uliel

Ahmed Tibi, Arafat's adviser (Photo: Knesset Spokesperson, Noam Moskovitz)

Is a demand for a fair trial and a claim that a confession obtained under severe torture is questionable, a support for murder? Is a claim that the real killer may be walking around free and an innocent person is sitting in harsh conditions in prison, a support for a terrorist? Or is this another whim of the left to attack the right and it's all from a position again?

"Ben Uliel knew the details" is it true?

So after it was made clear that despite the new blood plot attempt, there is no one who supports family murder, let's get down to the details. Many of the claims against the demand for a fair trial is that "Amiram knew in the reconstruction of the murder certain details that the investigators did not know." So I'm just asking, are the investigators who severely tortured Ben Uliel just to get him to confess to the act maybe not telling the truth? After all, the court also invalidated some of the confessions obtained under torture, which further undermines the credibility of the investigators. So why is it illegitimate to demand a more thorough investigation to find out the truth and check the version of the researchers whose credibility is in doubt?

Ben Uliel in court (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, POOL.)

If we go into the details of the case, there are quite a few gaps and puzzling things. In addition to admitting that the credibility under torture in my eyes is questionable. For example, taking testimony from an eyewitness but omitting additional details he gave and not getting along with Ben Uliel's reconstruction. After all, his entire reconstruction was based on the fact that he was alone and the eyewitness commented that he saw 2 suspects. Or his participation in the reconstruction of the senior investigator, 'Miguel' contrary to proper procedure. (These are just 2 examples out of a number of gaps created in the reconstruction and investigation. I recommend everyone to delve into the published facts and details and express their opinion).

If you are so sure of conviction, why are you so afraid of a retrial?

I am not a lawyer, but as mentioned, from a small and in-depth reading of the facts on the ground, one can see the problematic nature of the confession, the investigation and the trial. And to those who disagree so much and are sure that everything went well, why are you so opposed to a retrial and finding out the truth? After all, if you are so sure that Ben Uliel is the murderer, what is the fuss about? They will investigate the problematic details and find out that you were right.

If the Shin Bet investigators are indeed telling the truth and the investigation was conducted with integrity and flawlessly, why does the organization make such an effort to send its spokesmen and mouthpieces to all the television studios in order to attack any public figure who dares to express criticism and offer a fair trial? What are they so afraid of?


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