Crime, violence, Tel Aviv
South Tel Aviv violence leaves one dead and another severely injured

Violent clashes erupted in South Tel Aviv, resulting in the death of one Eritrean citizen and severe injury to another during a confrontation involving clubs, stones, and spikes on Hagana Street. 

Eliana Fleming | 08.07.24

Eritrea Blames the Mossad

Eritrea: The Mossad is to blame for the violence in Tel Aviv

The Ministry of Information of Eritrea blames the Mossad for the violence in Tel Aviv. The embassy issued a statement saying that the demonization that the Eritrean government is going through is unacceptable

Itay Zaltzman, JFeed | 06.09.23

Rothman Promotes a New Law

The answer to illegal immigration? Simcha Rothman promotes a new basic law

The Chairman of the Constitution Committee, Simcha Rothman, announces that he will submit the draft Basic Law: Immigration, in order to regulate the issue of granting status to refugees or asylum seekers. Rothman: "I call on all Zionist factions to join"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 03.09.23