Kikar HaShabbat

"We Are All United"
The Ultra-Orthodox Reporter Interviewed a National Religious Pilot: "We are All United", Watch.

Reporter of the website "Kikar HaShabbat" Yishai Cohen interviewed Air Force pilot Major A, who told about the connection between the soldiers at the base: "There is any type you want here - religious, secular, kibbutzniks, urban, all denominations, all colors. We are all united." 

JFeed | 15.11.23

"She and her Family Gave a Lot"

Moshe Arbel on the legal advisor: Do you know who she is married to?

Minister Moshe Arbel criticizes the way in which the legal reform was promoted, and does not accept the Likud members' attacks on the legal advisor to the government: "She and her family gave a lot for Israel's security"

JFeed | 29.08.23