Limor Son Har Melech

Zvi Sukkot, Left-wingers
Police representative: "50% of fringe leftists' complaints are false"

The commander of the Judea and Samaria police department reveals at a hearing: "Leftist organizations are paralyzing the system when over 50% of the complaints turn out to be false."

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 13.03.24

Tel Aviv

Deputy Mayor: "The court's decision is very disappointing"

Following the decision of the District Court in Tel Aviv not to allow partitions to be placed during public prayer, Deputy Mayor Haim Goren responded: The first Jewish city's basic right of religious freedom was violated

JFeed | 21.09.23

Members of Knesset Respond to Yesterday's Terrorism

Michaeli demands: "Outlaw his party"

A blatant attack by former minister Merav Michaeli against MK Limor Son Har Melech and the Otzma Yehudit party following the serious incident in Binyamin: "fully supports terrorists"

Bentzi Rubin, Srugim News | 06.08.23

Punishment for Sexual Harassment Terrorism Toughened

Final approval: The toughening of penalties for sexual offenses with a nationalist motive

The war against sexual harassment terrorism: The law that toughens the punishment for sex offenses with a nationalist motive has been approved. Additionally, the perpetrator will face double fines. Law presenter, Limor Son Har Melech, stated: "Terrorism offenses."

Bentzi Rubin, Srugim News | 30.07.23