Israel-Gaza War, Kiryat Shmonah
A third rocket salvo fired at Kiryat Shmonah today

Magen David Adom said there have been no reports of rocket hits or casualties so far.

JFeed Staff | 05.03.24

Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Report: Rocket fragments land in Kiryat Shmonah, causing property damage

The Police said they were securing the area and called on residents to stay away. No casualties have been reported.

Avi Woolf | 05.03.24

Judea and Samaria, Terrorism

Two killed in shooting attack at gas station near Eli

Two people were killed in a shooting attack at a gas station near Eli. The terrorist was reportedly neutralized on site. Security forces are searching for additional suspects.

JFeed Staff | 29.02.24

Israel -Gaza War

Intense Rocket Barrage: 50 Rockets Launched from Gaza, Direct Hit on Netivot

Following the firing of at least 50 rockets from Gaza, sirens were heard in Netivot and other communities in the western Negev. A shop in Netivot was reportedly hit directly, but no injuries have been reported.

JFeed Staff | 16.01.24

Attack In Ra'anana

80-Year-Old Woman Killed, 18 Others Injured in the Attack in Ra'anana

An attack in Ra'anana. An Arab stabbed a female driver and stole her car, drove it into pedestrians, then seized another vehicle and ran over more people. An 80-year-old woman was killed, and 18 others, including 2 in critical condition, were injured.

Abraham Gutman, JFeed Staff | 15.01.24

Jerusalem: Two Boys Suffering Burns

Close to Disaster in Jerusalem: Two Children Suffering Burns after Setting Fire to Acetone

Two boys injured, one of them moderately, after being burned as a result of lighting acetone while they were at an educational institution in Jerusalem. The two were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

JFeed Staff | 04.01.24


Stabbing Attack in Southern Jerusalem

Two people were moderately wounded in a stabbing attack at Mazmuria Checkpoint near Jerusalem. The terrorist was neutralized on site.

JFeed Staff | 29.12.23

Boy Saved Classmate's Life

Boy Suffered Cardiac Arrest During Sports Class; Classmate Saved Him

Close to disaster: a student at the school in Modi'in suffered cardiac arrest during sports class and was saved thanks to his classmate, an MDA volunteer who performed CPR on him: "The importance of the defibrillator - the difference between life and death."

JFeed Staff | 27.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Tech

NVIDIA and Employees Donate $15 Million to Humanitarian Non-Profits in Israel

The money will go to organizations helping Israeli civilians affected by the war against Hamas.

Avi Woolf | 24.12.23

79-Year-Old in Serious Condition

79-Year-Old Found at Home with Hypothermia, Her Condition is Serious

A 79-year-old woman was found unconscious in her home in Ramat Gan, suffering from signs of hypothermia. MDA medics and paramedics evacuated her to the hospital in critical condition.

JFeed Staff | 20.12.23

Man Found Dead

Kfar Qara: A 40-Year-Old Man was Found Dead in a Car

A 40-year-old man was found lifeless inside a vehicle in Kfar Qara with signs of penetrating injuries. MDA reports that he was injured during a violent incident in the city. The number of people murdered in Arab society has risen to 219 since the beginning of the year.

JFeed | 28.11.23

Close to Disaster

Close to Disaster: a Two-Year-Old Fell into a Pit, his Condition is Serious

A two-year-old toddler from the Bedouin community was seriously injured after falling into a pit two meters deep. He was rushed to Soroka Hospital suffering from head and stomach injuries.

JFeed | 23.11.23


Close to a Disaster in the North: a Man was Seriously Injured as a Result of a Fire

A 51-year-old man was seriously injured in the north as a result of a fire and is suffering from burns on his body. He was taken to Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital.

JFeed | 22.11.23

Toddler Found Wandering Alone

An Unusual Event in Tel Aviv: "He didn't Know Where He Lived"

A two-year-old toddler was found this morning wandering alone on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv: "He talked to us, was interested in the ambulance and couldn't say where he lived."

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 20.11.23

Israel At War

The Terrorists Arrived in a Car and Shot: New Details About the Attack

The attack at the Tunnels Barrier: 3 terrorists arrived in a vehicle from the direction of Judea and Samaria, and opened fire on the security forces, who returned fire and neutralized them. The axis is closed to vehicular traffic, until the end of treatment at the scene.

JFeed | 16.11.23

More Hamas Terrorism

In the Middle of the Massacre: This is How the Terrorists Prevented Medical Treatment for the Wounded

During the murderous attack in the Gaza Strip envelope and southern cities, terrorists from the Hamas terrorist organization fired on ambulances, murdered drivers and paramedics, and prevented them from providing medical treatment to the wounded.

| Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 26.10.23

A Car Rollover

Four injured in a car rollover on Route 40

Four injured people were evacuated to the Soroka hospital, including a 60-year-old man in moderate condition who was evacuated by the Hatzla Air helicopter after a vehicle overturned on the side of the road on Route 40

JFeed | 04.10.23

A Man Drowned in Tel Aviv

A man drowned at Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, his condition is serious

At Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, a man around the age of 50 was rescued from the sea after drowning. He was taken to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv in an unconscious state

JFeed | 02.10.23

Five Injured Near Beit Horon

Five injured, including a baby, in an accident near Beit Horon

In an accident where a vehicle collided with a concrete barricade near the Beit Horon interchange, five injured individuals were evacuated to Shaare Zedek Hospital, including a small infant approximately two weeks old in moderate condition with limb injuries

JFeed | 02.10.23

Fight In Netanya

A wave of violence: one dead and 7 injured in a fight in Netanya

A violent fight took place between Eritrean citizens in Netanya, when one person was killed and 7 other people were injured in the incident, including one in a serious condition. MDA teams evacuated the injured to the hospital

JFeed | 30.09.23