When Should You Put Your Baby in Kindergarten and How Do You Choose One?

Registration for educational settings for ages birth to three is just around the corner and many parents are asking themselves when is the right time to enroll their baby. So how do you choose the right framework for a child? All the details below.

Noa Leor, PhD | 10.01.24


Sivan Rahav-Meir: How Can Events Be Celebrated These Days?

The news these days are difficult and challenging. Many people are debating how to celebrate their happy events. The Yarchi family, whose son celebrated a Bar Mitzvah, found a unique way to express the joy.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 19.12.23

'Brothers in Arms'

'Brothers in Arms' for Real and not as a Slogan | Rabbi Shachar Botschak

These days, the same citizens who were in the demonstrations of both sides enter the same tank, the same squad of fighters, and fight for weeks when every moment they are shoulder to shoulder, and their lives depend on each other.

Rabbi Shachar Botschak | 07.12.23

Israel and Yemen

Israel is Studying Yemen, the Concept will Yet Explode

The restraint in the face of the attacks from Yemen may harm Israel economically as well - and the announcement by the "ZIM" company should be a red flag to Mr. Economy Benjamin Netanyahu. Damage to the Houthi army may also strengthen the alliance with the Saudis, which is significant.

Liran Vainshtain | 29.11.23

Biden - The Gift That Keeps On Giving To Sinwar

Sinwar Never Dreamed that His Lifeline Would Come From Biden

Biden tries again and again to please the democratic current in the US and to strive for the establishment of a Palestinian state. If Israel even thinks of going in this direction, it is a spit in the face of the murdered, the hostages, and the soldiers who give their lives for us.

Chani Edri | 29.11.23

Sivan Rahav-Meir

A Kitchen, a Hotel, and a Tunnel: Three Stories That Really Happened

From the hotel kitchen through Tefillin at the base to the captivity tunnels of Hamas - new chapters of kindness and generosity are being written here,  between man and his Maker and between a man and his friend.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 29.11.23

Letter to Abigail

An Orphan from the Versailles Disaster in a Letter to Abigail who Lost Her Parents

Limor Zussman, who lost her parents in the Versailles disaster 23 years ago, writes a letter to Abigail Idan, the four-year-old girl who was freed from captivity of the terrorist organization Hamas.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 28.11.23

"Woe to Us if Not"

Rabbi Hagai Lundin: "Woe to Us if it doesn't Happen in the End"

As ordinary citizens we did not decide whether and how the ceasefire would be conducted. What is left for us these days is to pray and train the muscle of vigilance. It is better not to sit too much in front of the screens now and cuddle with the pictures of the release of the abductees.

Rabbi Hagai Lundin | 27.11.23

The Mixed Feelings

Sivan Rahav-Meir: Happiness Mixed with Frustration, Excitement Mixed with Rage

We have seen so many horror videos, and now - we can see some happy videos. Because even good dreams come true, not just fears and anxieties.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 26.11.23

The Hostage Deal

Sivan Rahav-Meir: This is not a Deal Between Two Parties

On their side, they will celebrate with candies for the release of people who devoted their time and energy to attempts to murder, stab, prepare Molotov cocktails. On our side the heroes are completely opposite.

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 23.11.23

Opinion: A Better Future

Ignoring the Palestinian Suffering will Bring the Next Round Upon Us

The blindness towards the residents of the Gaza Strip envelope and towards what is happening beyond the fence, was the root of the decay that led to the disaster. Those who ask us to ignore Palestinian suffering and persecute anyone who regrets the death of children are sowing the seeds of the next war.

| Avi Dabush | 08.11.23


There is Only One Way to Prevent the Next Massacre

If we cherish life, if we want to continue existing in this land, if we want to solve the problem at its root, and if we want to ensure that the terrible massacre won't happen again, there is only one way: "And you shall dispossess all the inhabitants of the land from before you."

Rabbi Meir Goldmintz | 01.11.23

Stop the Invasion

Stop the Invasion, or we will all Become the Gaza Strip Envelope

Simultaneously with Hezbollah and Hamas gaining strength, a Palestinian plan is being woven to conquer Judea and Samaria through land theft. On the day of reckoning, it will turn into a ring of fire as we experienced in the Gaza Strip. We must stop the invasion in the heart of the country.

Gideon Margalit | 22.10.23

The Palestinian Media

On the Other Side: What is Shown in the Palestinian Media

It's hard to believe that we will soon hear public criticism from Gaza against Hamas, even if an Israeli operation turns the Strip into a pile of rubble. Hamas and media networks will ensure that the images are framed accordingly.

Roy Amsalem, Ph.D | 18.10.23


Why am I Optimistic Despite Everything?

I am optimistic because I see the trail of destruction, evil and nothingness that our enemies have left in the world. I am optimistic because we now see the unity, disillusionment and determination that lies in the people of Israel.

Rabbi Haggai Lundin | 17.10.23

Response to Rabbi Zalmonovich

It is permissible to pray in the street/response to Rabbi Zalmonovich

Rabbi Efraim Zalmonovich, the rabbi of Mazkeret Batya, argued that one should not pray in public spaces and justified his words with Torah law. In my opinion, his statements are not accurate, and I would like to ask a few questions about his conclusion

Rabbi Yitzhak Neria | 28.09.23

'The Truth Comes Out' 

The truth has been revealed: the religious voter must remember the shameful response of Gantz and Lapid.

"The responses of Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid to the difficult events on Yom Kippur constitute a slap in the face to the national-religious public, and it is important that they do not forget this the next time the two pursue the religious Zionist vote."

Bentzi Rubin | 26.09.23

Symbols of the State

The left "stole" the right's flags

After the right "stole" peace from the left in the Abraham Accords, the left decided to "take from the right" the symbols of the state and the flag of Israel after strongly opposing their use

Yehudit Ohana | 20.09.23

A Mob Controlled by Intellectual Terror

Tel Aviv has been hijacked by a mob controlled by intellectual terror

Something very bad is happening to Tel Aviv. In the last year, under the guise of legal reform, a handful of Tel Avivites reign in terror over everything that smells Jewish, and for that purpose everything is allowed. And all this in the name of "enlightenment", "liberalism" and "democracy"

Liran Vainshtain | 20.09.23

What Do We Wish Now?

Sivan Rahav-Meir: 5 things you need to know in the coming week

These are days filled with customs and laws, such as asking for forgiveness, blowing the shofar, and more. And what do we wish now? Many still say, of course, "Shana Tova" (A Good Year), but during these days, you can add "Chatima Tova" or "Gmar Chatima Tova," which means "A Good Final Seal" or "May You Be Inscribed for a Good Year" respectively

Sivan Rahav-Meir | 18.09.23