Ram Ben-Barak

Karine Elharrar Clarified
The primaries in Yesh Atid: Lapid's close associate surprises

Yesh Atid primaries: Knesset member Karine Elharrar clarified this morning that her support for Lapid is not automatic: "Let's allow Ram Ben-Barak to present his platform first"

JFeed | 03.10.23

Ben Barak 'stings' Lapid

After announcing that he will run against him, Ben-Barak 'stings' Lapid

Knesset member Ram Ben-Barak hinted at his security record compared to that of Yair Lapid. "People will say, 'If Ram Ben-Barak stands there with his record - we're joining Yesh Atid'"

JFeed | 03.10.23