Missile attack, Hezbollah Lebanon
Breaking: Hezbollah major rocket attack on North Israel

Sirens have been sounding all across North Israel and Tzfat as Hezbollah fires dozens of missiles at Israel,

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 27.06.24

Northern Front, Safed

Fake news: There is no planned evacuation of Safed residents

Following various rumors circulating online, Safed Municipality clarifies that there is no planned evacuation of the city's residents.

Avi Nachmani, JFeed Staff | 19.06.24

Suspected Cyber Attack

Suspected Cyber Attack at Ziv Hospital in Safed

An incident suspected of being a cyber attack was detected at the hospital. The hospital reported that the incident was detected and stopped without disruption or impact on the various systems.

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 27.11.23

Missing Person

A 13-Year-Old Girl has been Missing for Ten Days

The police are searching for Anastasia Vishnevskaya, a 13-year-old resident of Safed, who was last seen on October 26, 2023. They are requesting public assistance in locating her.

| JFeed | 06.11.23

Caravan Fire

A 65-year-old died in a caravan fire in Safed; a 20-year-old is in critical condition

In a caravan fire on HaNesharim Street in Safed, a 65-year-old man died. Another man, approximately 20 years old, was seriously injured from burns and smoke inhalation. He was evacuated while unconscious and intubated to Ziv Hospital in the city

JFeed | 31.08.23