Simchat Torah

President Herzog
President Herzog: This time without provocations and violence 

State President Isaac Herzog in preparation for the circumambulation on the street of a city: "Behave with consideration, inclusion, respect and love for Israel during the circumambulation and in general"

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 06.10.23

Simchat Torah 2023

Entry and exit times for Shabbat Simchat Torah 2023

Simchat Torah is a Jewish holiday that marks the end of the annual Torah reading cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. On this day, the last Torah Parasha, Parashat Vezot HaBerachah, is read, followed immediately by the beginning of the first Parasha, Parashat Bereshit.

JFeed | 06.10.23

Rabbi Stav Appealed to Ron Huldai

Rabbi Stav to Huldai: Permit the communities to celebrate the Hakafot

The head of the organization of Tzohar Rabbis, Rabbi David Stav, appealed to Ron Huldai and called on him to allow every community in Tel Aviv to celebrate the prayers of Simchat Torah as they have done in previous years: "Do not let extremists from all sides destroy what has been built"

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 05.10.23

Dr. Pinchasi's Response to Rabbi Ariel

The train has already left the station | Response to Rabbi Yaakov Ariel

Many Orthodox rabbis permit women to carry the Torah scroll. Every year, there are more and more Orthodox minyanim (prayer quorums) where both men and women participate, and women dance with the Torah, ascend to the Torah, and read from it

Dr. Channa Pinchasi | 04.10.23