Israel-Gaza War
IDF demolishes tunnel used for infiltration attempt last month | Watch

The tunnel was used for an infiltration attempt into Israeli territory, which was beaten back and during which Sergeant Major Zeed Mazarib z"l was killed in action.

Avi Woolf | 17.07.24

Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

IDF uncovers and seals the first tunnel that crossed from Gaza to Egypt

The tunnel passed under the Philadelphia Corridor was sealed during the operation in Rafah, when liquid concrete was poured into it. 

Avi Nachmani | 10.07.24

IDF, Israel-Hamas war, terrorists

The "war of attrition" against terrorists: IDF's new strategy in Gaza

A military analysis reveals why IDF forces keep revisiting the same regions in Gaza they have already conquered, and what their main goal behind their 'attrition' strategy is. 

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 03.07.24

Israel-Gaza War

Fire in the hole: IDF blows up another tunnel in central Gaza | Watch

The 99th Division discovered and demolished another long terror tunnel in the central Gaza Strip.

Avi Woolf | 01.07.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF demolishes 2 km-long tunnel reaching the Philadelphi corridor

The tunnel contained blast doors and weapons caches and also connected to a number of other tunnels.

Avi Woolf | 05.06.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: Israel locates 1.5 km long tunnel in eastern Rafah packed with weapons and missiles

According to the IDF, the tunnel was found just 100 meters from the Rafah crossing and contained multiple weapons caches and a number of blast doors.

Avi Woolf | 29.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF destroys 800 meter long tunnel in central Gaza Strip

The IDF demolished a tunnel overnight which was 800 meters long and 18 meters deep, and which passed close to the Netzarim corridor.

Avi Woolf | 27.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF uncovers underground weapons cache during Rafah operations

A Givati Brigade combat team eliminated more than 30 terrorists and uncovered an underground weapons cache.

Avi Woolf | 26.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Three soldiers wounded by booby-trapped tunnel in Rafah

The three soldiers, who were moderately wounded, were evacuated to the hospital.

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 09.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF demolishes two offensive tunnels in Beit Hanoun area

According to the IDF, the two tunnels had been under "ongoing intelligence and technological surveillance."

Avi Woolf | 07.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Watch: Tunnels destroyed in Beit Hanoun area

Over the last week, combat engineers and the Netzach Yehudah Battalion destroyed two tunnels belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Beit Hanoun area. 

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 29.04.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF destroys largest terror tunnel in north Gazan Strip

The tunnel, 2.5 km long, was demolished as part of an effort to destroy strategic parts of Hamas' tunnel network.

Avi Woolf | 17.03.24

Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

IDF reveals strategic tunnel meant for Hamas leaders, equipped for a long stay

Another tunnel meant to allow Hamas senior leaders to spend an extended period of time underground was discovered in Khan Yunis and destroyed.

JFeed Staff | 21.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

Ceramic Walls, Jail Doors, Kitchens, and UNRWA Sacks: What a Hamas Tunnel Holding Hostages Looks Like

The IDF released footage from a number of terror tunnels, including ones where hostages were held before they were moved or released.

Avi Woolf | 07.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

The IDF's "Atlantis Plan" For Flooding Hamas Tunnels Now Operational

The IDF announced today that it has now put a system for flooding tunnels with water, known as the "Atlantis Plan," after extensive staff work and allowing the engineering capacity needed to mature.

Avi Woolf | 30.01.24

Israel - Gaza War

TBN Israel's Yair Pinto Reports on Israel-Gaza War Developments

TBN Israel's reporter Yair Pinto delivers raw accounts from the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict, unveiling critical developments. Watch:

Abraham Gutman | 22.01.24

Israel - Gaza War, Trey Yingst Report

Yingst Unveils Hostage Cells: Israeli Forces Expose Secrets in Hamas' Tunnels

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst provides a personal glimpse into the tunnels beneath Khan Yunis, Gaza, where Israeli forces have discovered cells used for holding hostages.

Abraham Gutman | 21.01.24

Israel - Gaza War

TBN Israel's Yair Pinto Reports on Israel-Gaza War Developments

TBN Israel's reporter Yair Pinto delivers raw accounts from the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict, unveiling critical developments. Watch:

Abraham Gutman, JFeed Staff | 07.01.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: Hamas Terrorists Eliminated in Terror Tunnels

The IDF and the Shin Bet released footage showing IDF soldiers eliminating terrorists in one of Hamas' major tunnel systems. Watch:

JFeed Staff | 14.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Tunnels

Hamas Tunnel Shafts: A Guide

After clearing out the main Hamas forces in a given area, IDF forces are left to deal with thousands of tunnel shafts, with debates about how to deal with them. Here's a handy breakdown.

Avi Woolf | 12.12.23