Israel-Gaza War, Teenagers
Shocking: Teens dress up as terrorists and break into a home, terrifying residents | Watch 

Teens' terror prank reopens wounds in Gaza border community

Gila Isaacson | 02.07.24


Watch | This is how the Navy Thwarted the Infiltration of Terrorists at Zikim Beach

The IDF spokesman published the documentation of the Navy's activity during the elimination of a terrorist squad that tried to infiltrate Israel through the seashore in the Zikim area.

JFeed | 25.10.23

Exchange of Fire in Zikim

Report: Heavy exchange of fire with terrorists in Kibbutz Zikim

A number of terrorists penetrated through the sea into Zikim territory, the residents were called to shut themselves in their houses, exchanges of fire are taking place

JFeed | 09.10.23

Evacuated Settlements

The IDF publishes: the list of evacuated settlements in the south

Against the backdrop of the fighting against Hamas, the IDF has begun evacuating communities located near the Gaza border in the south

JFeed | 08.10.23