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Tragedy in Gaza: an officer was killed by an IDF grenade explosion

An IDF officer was killed by a grenade explosion not during an operational activity, earlier this morning in the Gaza Strip. The military police began an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 22.07.24

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IDF publishes identity of soldier killed by Hezbollah missile

Allowed for publication: Slain Soldier names as Sergeant Major Ephraim Ben Amram who passed away from his injuries. He was seriously wounded after a Hezbollah drone attack late last month before succumbing to his wounds.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 18.07.24
Solidarity: Netanyahu visits homes of Druze families who have lost loved ones in the war

Netanyahu tells families of Druze soldiers who have fallen during the war with Hamas, 'I came here to bow my head before those who fell in the north and those who fell in the south, who stormed into the fire, who proved their heroism, sacrifice, leadership and personal example.'

Eliana Fleming | 15.07.24

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IDF announces death of another brave soldier in Gaza city

IDF soldier from Ness Ziona was killed earlier today in the neighbourhood of Shejaiya in Gaza. He was killed while fighting Hamas gunmen with another soldier injured in the same incident.

Eliana Fleming | 04.07.24

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Heartbreaking: another fallen soldier in Gaza has been identified

On Wednesday, the IDF announced the death of Captain Elay Elisha Lugasi, 21, from Kiryat Shmona. He served as a team commander in the 75th Battalion of the 7th Armoured Brigade and was killed by an anti-tank missile in Gaza City's Shijaiyah neighbourhood.

Eliana Fleming | 03.07.24

October 7th, Fallen IDF soldiers

Denied hearing her daughters last words - IDF refuses to give mother October 7th recording

9 months after the October 7th massacre, parents of observation field intelligence soldiers are demanding answers, but are being refused by those in charge. Here is one particular interview with Edna, the mother of Shirel Mor who was killed that day while on duty.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 03.07.24

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IDF releases name of another fallen soldier in Gaza 

Fallen soldier who was killed in Rafah named as Sergeant Ori Yitzhak Hadad from Beer Sheva.

JFeed Staff | 01.07.24

Israel-Gaza War, IDF, Fallen Soldiers

IDF releases name of fallen soldier for publication

The war in Gaza continues, but today, Israel pauses to remember Sergeant Eyal Shynes - a son, a soldier, a hero.

Gila Isaacson, JFeed Staff | 28.06.24

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IDF releases names of 2 reservist soldiers killed in Gaza 

Omer Smadga and Saadia Yaakov Derai were murdered in a Hamas attack in Gaza yesterday.

Gila Isaacson | 21.06.24

Israel Awards, Jerusalem

Christian leader dedicated award to fallen IDF soldier

After receiving the Jerusalem award of 2024, Robert Stearns devoted his win to one of Israel's fallen soldiers, Arnon Zmora ob"m.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 20.06.24

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Emotional reunion: Bereaved father meets soldiers who accidentally killed his son

A month after the death of Cpt. Roi Beit Yaakov z"l, his father, Avidan, met with the fighters who were involved in friendly fire incident.

Avi Nachmani, JFeed Staff | 19.06.24

Israel - Gaza War

The Names of 21 Victims in the Tragic Event have been Released for Publication

The names of the four latest casualties in the collapse of the building in Gaza have been released: Itamar Tal, Adam Bismut, Shay Biton Hayun, and Zegeye Daniel Kasau. With this, the names of all 21 victims in the incident have been published.

JFeed Staff | 23.01.24

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Released for Publication: 2 IDF Soldiers Oriya Goshen and Anwar Serhan Were Killed

The IDF has released for publication that fighters Oriya Goshen and Anwar Serhan were killed. The number of IDF casualties since the beginning of the conflict has risen to 526.

Abraham Gutman | 17.01.24

Israel - Gaza War

TBN Israel's Yair Pinto Reports on Israel-Gaza War Developments

TBN Israel's reporter Yair Pinto delivers raw accounts from the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict, unveiling critical developments. Watch:

Abraham Gutman | 17.01.24

Israel - Gaza War

Released for Publication:  Master Sgt. (Res.) Dan Wajdenbaum from Ra'anana was killed in battle in Gaza

Reserve Master Sgt. Dan Wajdenbaum, 24 years old from Ra'anana, fell in a battle in the center of the Gaza Strip. It was also said that two officers and a soldier were seriously injured in the fighting and were taken to the hospital.

JFeed Staff | 13.01.24

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IDF Publishes Names of 5 Soldiers Who Fell in the Gaza Strip

A bloody day in the Gaza Strip. The names of five IDF fallen soldiers whose families were notified are published, in addition to four soldiers whose names were released this morning.

JFeed Staff | 09.01.24

Israel - Gaza War 

Released for Publication: Liav Seada from Tiberias Fell in the Battles in Gaza

Sgt. First Class (Res.) Liav Seada, 23 years old from Tiberias, fell in a battle in Gaza. Earlier, the name of another IDF veteran whose family was notified, Eliraz Gabai from  Petah Tikva, was published.

JFeed Staff | 31.12.23

Israel - Gaza War

Released for Publication: Sgt. Major (res.) Eliraz Gabai Fell in the Battles in Gaza

It was allowed to be published that Sgt. Major (res.) Eliraz Gabai from Petah Tikva fell in battle in the Gaza Strip. His funeral will be held today at 14:00. This brought the number of victims to 505 since the beginning of the war.

JFeed Staff | 31.12.23

Israel - Gaza War

The Names of Two Fighters Who Fell in Gaza were Released for Publication

The IDF spokesman released for publication that two IDF soldiers, Master Sgt. (res.) Constantine Sushko and Captain Harel Ittah were killed in the battles in the Gaza Strip. In addition, six soldiers were seriously injured.

JFeed Staff | 30.12.23

Israel - Gaza War

Dvir's Heroism: Jumps on the Shaft and Saves His Comrades

Major Dvir David Fima fell in the battles in Gaza while saving his comrades from a trapped pit shaft, Dvir jumped towards the pit, took the hit, and saved three fighters who were with him.

JFeed Staff | 28.12.23