A Prayer for the Well-being of the Soldiers was Spread on the Western Wall

A huge banner with a prayer for the well-being of the IDF soldiers has been hung on the Western Wall. Meanwhile, Psalms are continuously being recited for the success of the soldiers and for the well-being of the captives and the missing.

JFeed | 16.10.23

Response to Rabbi Zalmonovich

It is permissible to pray in the street/response to Rabbi Zalmonovich

Rabbi Efraim Zalmonovich, the rabbi of Mazkeret Batya, argued that one should not pray in public spaces and justified his words with Torah law. In my opinion, his statements are not accurate, and I would like to ask a few questions about his conclusion

Rabbi Yitzhak Neria | 28.09.23

Amihai Eliyahu

Amihai Eliyahu in a call to the protesters: come together to pray

Minister Eliyahu called on the people of the protest to come to the planned prayer on Thursday: "Come to say Judaism is not excluded from the public sphere, we do not despise it, we respect it"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 27.09.23