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"An Unfounded Attempt"
Supreme Court on the Claim of Changing the Opening Fire Instructions: an Unfounded Attempt

High Court Following various claims that arose according to which the Supreme Court held a discussion on changing the instructions regarding opening fire after various incidents of shooting near the border fence, the Supreme Court makes it clear that these are baseless claims.

JFeed | 19.11.23

Without Authority

Levin is right: the Supreme Court acted without authority

The High Court of Justice issued a conditional order to the Minister of Justice without hearing his arguments as required by law, the court relied on the preliminary response in the petition and treated it as a full response, which is not allowed by law

Yehudit Lazarovitch, JFeed Staff | 14.09.23

Scandal at the High Court

Scandal at the High Court: "A black day for Israeli democracy"

No organization from the national camp was approved to join as a friend of the court in the petition against the Clause of Reasonability by the High Court of Justice: "Even the appearance of justice the court no longer tries to maintain"

JFeed | 22.08.23