Google Adds New Features

New search: Google updates the mobile search

In order to maintain relevance and compete with new content search options on the web, Google is introducing significant changes to its mobile search engine that will enhance the search experience

(Credit: Google)

Google is replacing traditional search. Many new app services are offering search options across the internet. The younger generation has already started replacing traditional search methods and is embracing social network browsing, such as TikTok.

Recently, many people have started using artificial intelligence engines such as chat GPT and others to find relevant information for them. In order to compete with all of them and maintain the relevance of the popular search engine, Google is upgrading and making mobile search easier and more pleasant.

Google has announced four major changes to its search tool in order to persuade and attract users to continue using its flagship product: Google Search.

Search suggestions relevant to the content of the page

The first change is regarding search suggestions that Google will offer in context with the page you are on. For example, when browsing a website about travel in Japan, if you click on the search bar at the top of the page, you will be presented with search suggestions such as attractions routes in Japan, recommended restaurants in the area, and more.

The most popular searches on the web

Another change that Google introduces is the suggestion of popular searches on the web, providing an additional way to stay updated on current trends. When you open a new search box, Google will initially offer you your recent searches. However, unlike before, below all these searches, you will find searches that are popular in your area.

'Search carousel' for concepts you want to know

The third change that will be introduced in the search engine is when you are browsing the web and come across an unfamiliar term or want to investigate and learn more about it. Until now, you could click on those words, and a small window would open, offering the option to perform a new search related to those words. Now, Google is upgrading the experience, and when you select those words, a "search carousel" will appear at the bottom of the page, presenting you with a variety of searches related to the term.

Another change that Google presents, and less significant than its predecessors, is the display of search results. Until now, when typing in the search bar, six results were shown. Now, the number of results will be expanded to ten.

These features have already started to appear on various Android devices, and according to Google, the upgrades will be available on iOS devices later this year.


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