All the Data on Exits on Israel

Dreaming of making an exit? All the data on the Israelis who have done it

In recent years, the State of Israel has become a major hi-tech powerhouse. Today the Central Bureau of Statistics published all the data on the Israeli companies that have succeeded and achieved exits

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We all have dream of establishing a company and making a lot of money through an exit. If you're also interested in this, know that the Central Bureau of Statistics published exit data in Israel for the last 12 years. Will you succeed as well and make it into the statistics?

In the year 2022, there were 133 exit transactions in Israel, a significant decrease of over half compared to the previous year (281 transactions in 2021), but the total value of the transactions in 2022 amounted to approximately $24.4 billion, only 3% less than in 2021.

If you were wondering how many transactions stood at a volume of up to $50 million, it accounts for about 65% of the total number of transactions conducted in the previous year. Additionally, 20% of the companies that underwent an exit transaction this year did so within five years from their establishment.

The aftermath of failure: In the past 12 years, 584 companies closed after completing their exit, with 32% of them even closing in the same year as the transaction was conducted.

Want to know how much you'll earn? The average monthly salary for an employee position in companies that underwent an exit transaction in 2022 stood at 26,200 NIS.

It's well known that Tel Aviv is a major tech city, so it's not surprising that 87% of the exit transactions were conducted by companies registered in the Tel Aviv district and in the central part of the country. But who were the buyers of these exit transactions? 32% were acquired by Israeli entities, while 76% originated from entities in the United States.

The companies that conducted exit transactions spanned across 13 fields of activity, including financial technology, cybersecurity, content and media, and more. Out of the 133 transactions carried out in 2022, in the "Semiconductor Leading" field, which deals with the development of memory components and smart functions in electronic systems, five transactions were completed with a total amount of 7.2 billion dollars, constituting 30% of the total transactions.


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