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Tech Times: Instagram  bypasses TikTok in downloads for 2023

The controversial decision by Instagram parent company Meta to introduce a TikTok style short video option is proving wildly popular with users.

Competing for attention from the youth of the world. Instagram and TikTok. (Photo: rvlsoft/Shutterstock)

Marketing intelligence firm Sensor Tower reports that Instagram bypassed TikTok in 2023 in terms of number of app downloads, with Instagram increasing its download numbers by 20% and TikTok only 4%, according to TechTimes.

According to TechTimes, a major part of Instagram's success is its decision to copy its rival's popularity with short-form videos and create their own platform for uploading them - Reels - which has proved incredibly attractive to social media consumers.

The initial Reels layout ran into serious criticism among users, according to the Verge, with major account owners such as Kylie Jenner demanding Instagram remain true to its format rather than trying to ape TikTok. The bugs have clearly been worked out, if app downloads are any indication.

Meanwhile, Congress continues its push to force the company owning the app to change ownership from owners in China to ones in the United States, on the grounds that TikTok represents a serious security risk to Americans, and especially those with access to sensitive information.


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