Israel's Separate Beaches

Take a trip: the list of the separate beaches in the country has been published

The list of the separate beaches scattered throughout the country has been published, on the occasion of the "in-between times" vacation and the summer vacation. Additionally, it was decided to open another separate beach at the Sea of Galilee

(Photo: Tzachi Gavish, Association of Kinneret Cities)

On the occasion of the "in-between times" vacation and the summer vacation, the Ministry of the Interior has published the list of separate beaches scattered throughout the country.

In Israel, there are currently 16 separate beaches. This year, Minister of the Interior, Moshe Arbel, has directed resources and significant efforts to make these beaches accessible and to ensure maximum safety and suitable conditions for swimmers. The Ministry of the Interior calls on the public to visit only the designated beaches and during the operating hours of rescue services.

The separate beaches

Furthermore, it has recently been decided to open a new separate beach on the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), in addition to the existing list of separate beaches. The new separate beach section, located at the Golan Beach on the Kinneret, is being opened in cooperation with the Kinneret Municipal Association and with funding from the Ministry of the Interior. The beach operates with full separation for the benefit of the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox), religious, and traditional public, as well as all residents interested in utilizing it.

"Thanks to the blessed cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the local authorities, we ensure that vacationers during the 'intermediate days' period will enjoy separate beaches at a high standard, with maximum safety," says Minister of the Interior, Arbel. "I call on the public to come and bathe only at the declared beaches and only when there is a lifeguard present. Take good care of yourselves."

List of separate beaches:

Nahariya (one beach)

Acre (one beach)

Haifa (two beaches - Naut Haim Beach Kiryat Haim, HaShaket Beach)

Hadera (one beach)

Netanya (one beach)

Herzliya (one beach)

Tel Aviv (one beach)

Bat Yam (one beach)

Rishon Lezion (one beach)

Ashdod (one beach)

Ashkelon (one beach)

Tiberias (one beach)

Kinneret (one beach - Kinar Beach)

Kinar Beach

Regional Council Tamar Dead Sea (one beach)

Eilat (one beach)


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