The Jerusalem Wine Festival Returns

Do you like wine? The Jerusalem festival returns for the 21st time

The Jerusalem Wine Festival returns once again to the Israel Museum, allowing you to taste a variety of different types and flavors from wineries from around the country and the world, and also to enrich your knowledge of the wine production process and the stories behind them

(Photo: Srugim)

The Jerusalem Wine Festival is taking place for the 21st year at the Israel Museum, and has become a traditional event celebrated every Jerusalem summer.

The festival includes about 50 different booths of wineries from Israel and around the world, where you can taste a wide variety of wines from well-known and large Israeli wineries, as well as boutique wineries. Additionally, during the event, there are live performances and various food stalls.

The festival will take place every evening for four days, starting from yesterday (Monday) until the upcoming Thursday, August 3rd, between 19:00 to 23:00.

(Photo: Srugim)

How does it work?

After climbing the stairs at the museum entrance, you can collect a wine glass that will serve you throughout the evening, which you can also take home at the end of the experience. If you arrive during the peak hours of the event (20:00-21:00), you will find a long queue to collect the wine glass, but it looks more intimidating than it actually is, and you will quickly be able to pick up the glass and start drinking.

Afterwards, you can stroll among the various stalls, taste a wide range of wines from many different wineries, and even learn about the production process and the stories of the people behind them. If you desire something other than wine, you will be pleased to discover that there are also stalls offering other beverages such as liqueurs, cocktails, and more.

(Photo: Srugim)

What do you need to know?

Kashrut - Please note that not all wines in the venue are under kosher certification. For those who observe, there are also kosher wines available according to heter mechira. It is essential to verify with the exhibitors or check the label on the bottle.

Food - The food stalls in the venue are not included in the entrance ticket, so if you do not wish to spend money on food, you can bring some light snacks from home or come prepared with a full stomach.


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