Record Broken at Ben Gurion Airport

High-flyers: the all-time record was broken at Ben Gurion Airport

In the month of July, there was an all-time record with over 2.5 million passengers passing through Ben Gurion Airport. The Airport Authority noted that in August, around 100,000 passengers are expected to pass through each day. Minister Regev stated, "We are strengthening the workforce"

Ben Gurion Airport, illustration (Photo: Avshalom Sasoni/Flash90)

At the end of two years of dealing with the coronavirus, the month of July this year broke an all-time record at Ben Gurion Airport, with over 2.5 million passengers passing through its gates.

According to the data from the Israel Airports Authority (IAA), in the past July, approximately 2.534 million passengers passed through Ben Gurion Airport on international flights, which is 20% more than the corresponding month last year. The popular destinations in July were Turkey, Greece, the United States, and Cyprus.

According to the Israel Airports Authority, from the beginning of the year, approximately 13.5 million passengers passed through Ben Gurion Airport, and by the end of the year, their number is expected to reach around 25 million. Additionally, there is a trend of growth in outgoing flights from Terminal 1, which serves over 250 million passengers every month. This impressive growth comes after the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, with Ben Gurion Airport's activity data showing a faster recovery and growth compared to parallel airports worldwide.

At Ben Gurion Airport, preparations were made ahead of time for the increase in the number of passengers in the summer months. Manpower was increased and fast electronic check-in devices were added to shorten queues and special routes for carry-on luggage owners, the set of shuttles was expanded and stations were activated for quick check-in and independent luggage delivery.

(Photo: Avshalom Sasoni)

The Ministry of Transportation and the Israel Airports Authority emphasize that in August, approximately 100,000 passengers are expected to pass through Ben Gurion Airport daily. They urge the traveling public to perform check-in from home and to make an early check regarding where their flight depart from (Terminals 1 and 3). They also recommend arriving at Ben Gurion Airport no more than three hours before the flight. Additionally, they advise the public to use the train or other public transportation to reach the airport.

Miri Regev: "We will increase the number of employees at Ben Gurion Airport"

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Miri Regev, stated: "As in the previous month and the month before, we continue to see record-breaking demand at Ben Gurion Airport and an increasing number of passengers."

Regev further added: "The Ministry of Transportation, together with the Israel Airports Authority, continues to develop Ben Gurion Airport, upgrade the level of service, and implement advanced technologies for the benefit of passengers. I have instructed to strengthen the workforce in preparation for peak demand, in order to provide courteous, efficient, and professional service. I wish everyone a pleasant flight."


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