A Religious Journalist was Attacked

The religious journalist was attacked: "They thought I was from Channel 14"

News 13 journalist Meir Marziano was attacked during coverage of the left-wing protest against judicial reform in Tel Aviv. He said, "Because I wear a kippah, an aggressive and rude individual assumed I am from Channel 14 and began assaulting both the crew and myself"

News 13 studio (Photo: PR)

News 13 journalist Meir Marziano covered the left-wing protest against judicial reform in Tel Aviv this evening. Marziano reported that he was attacked by a protester who thought he was from Channel 14.

"I was covering the demonstration against the legal legislation this evening led by retired judges Rothschild in Tel Aviv," Marciano wrote.

The journalist added, "Because I wear a kippah, an aggressive and rude individual assumed I was from Channel 14 and aggressively confronted me and the crew, shouting. No one around intervened."

"He only calmed down when he saw the logo on my microphone. It has become really scary here. Mainly sad," the journalist concluded the description of the experience.


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Israel - Gaza War

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Anti-Semitism, Suspect

Report: The Suspect Who Beat a Protester to Death - a 50-Year-Old Professor from California

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Channel 14 Host Makes Revolutionary Proposal for War

A Channel 14 host published a call on his Facebook page for a unity broadcast by all TV stations. Comments were supportive but skeptical.

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Among the Murdered

Six family members of Doron Almog were murdered

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'The Patriots'

Yinon Magal was unable to continue the broadcast. View the documentation

Demonstrators against the legal reform came to the Sukkah studio of Channel 14 this evening, and interrupted the broadcast of the program 'The Patriots': "It was impossible to continue the broadcast"

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Shai Babad

After the boycott: Strauss CEO clarified; Channel 14 responded

Strauss CEO Shai Babad published a letter to employees in which he clarified that the company "will never silence or muffle voices." Channel 14 congratulated him for what was said

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A Blow to the Protest

A blow to the protest against the Yom Kippur prayer

A new survey published this evening reveals that over 60% of Israeli citizens disapprove of the protest that took place last night against the Yom Kippur prayer in Tel Aviv. Additionally, 49% responded that they support separation in public spaces

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The Polls

Poll: The right-wing bloc jumps to 58 seats

The survey conducted after the Prime Minister's visit to the USA shows that the Likud has increased to 31 seats and 51% see Benjamin Netanyahu as the suitable candidate for Prime Minister against 46% who see Benny Gantz as such

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Hili Tropper

Tropper calls the protestors: "Stop polluting the discourse"

MK Hili Tropper responded to the criticism from the protestors of the condemnations of the violence against Rabbi Levinstein, and clarified that "I share the demand from the coalition members to stop polluting the discourse and tearing the people apart, but I try to apply this demand to myself first."

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Termination of Appearances

Channel 14 panelist announced: I will no longer appear on the channel

Following Yinon Magal's words during a discussion about the assassination of Rabin, former Knesset member Mossi Raz announced the termination of his appearances on Channel 14: "Yinon Magal's words last night are outrageous"

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