Koffman Stunned Magal

The secular media personality stunned Yinon Magal

During their joint program on radio 103FM, Ron Koffman stunned Yinon Magal when he revealed to him which kindergarten his grandson goes to: "It's the best kindergarten in Tel Aviv"

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Media professional and sports commentator, Ron Koffman, has expressed his opinions against the Haredi public and the Chief Rabbinate on multiple occasions, even calling for their excommunication. Therefore, when this morning he revealed where his grandson studies, many eyebrows were raised.

Yesterday morning, Koffman appeared on Radio 103FM with Yinon Magal, during which he shared that "my grandson is attending a Chabad kindergarten in Tel Aviv."

Koffman explained that the Chabad kindergarten "is the best kindergarten in Tel Aviv, and I'm serious. There were 460 applicants. These are teachers who don't need surveillance cameras."

Magal questioned Koffman about how a secular family sends their child to a religious kindergarten, saying, "But when they instill messages into them, it's a bit dangerous," with a hint of sarcasm.

In response, the sports commentator replied, "It's important, know your enemy – we're raising intelligence agents here."


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