Eden Harel

work with the husband? Eden Harel for the joint work. Interview

Eden Harel spends hours working with her husband on the TV screen and in their joint performances. So what do you do when there is a fight or tension? Harel explains about the joint work of the two in the interview

Eden Harel (Photo: Tal Abudi)

The host, who has been experienced for many years, Eden Harel tells in a conversation about what it's like to work with her husband - Oded, we met her as part of the launch of El Al's new menu. Many people are debating whether it is right to work with a family, but to work together with the husband, in the eyes of many viewers, is a situation that not many face.

Eden Harel has been working with her husband for years so this is not new to her, she says that as part of their performances together (not on TV) they have the option of bringing the tensions to the stage and most importantly in her opinion - honesty.


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