From The Knesset To TV

From the Knesset to the screen: the former Minister of Tourism in a new reality show

Just before the new reality show "The Traitors" goes on air, the interesting castings are revealed | Among the contenders: former Minister of Tourism Yoel Razvozov and the political spokesperson of Knesset member Tally Gotliv

Yoel Razvozov (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash90.)

Soon the new reality show "The Traitors", an Israeli version of the Dutch reality show that conquered the world, will be aired, in which contestants compete together for a cash prize, and among them are the "Traitors" group - a number of contestants whose goal is to throw out the rest and claim the prize for themselves. Now some of the castings are revealed, and one who will take part in the new program is none other than the former Minister of Tourism Yoel Razvozov.

Also among the contestants you can find the former host of the children's channel Iftach (Yifti) Kerzner, 38 years old, and the adviser and political spokesman of Knesset member Tally Gotliv, Or Barak, 26 years old. A number of anonymous contestants will also star alongside them: Doctor of Laws and criminal lawyer Liya Felus-Domb‎, 50 years old from Kokhav Ya'ir, pensioner Malka Levi Eliyahu, 72 years old from Ness Ziona, and the model Rae Avitan, 24 years old from Tel Aviv.


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