An Amusing Incident

The amusing incident of a 'Kan 11' news journalist in the supermarket

Michael Shemesh, a Kan 11 Channel journalist, shared a funny incident that happened when he went to the supermarket and wanted to buy a beer: "I couldn't prove to her and the manager in any way that I was over 18"

Michael Shemesh (Photo: YouTube, Kan Public Broadcasting Corporation)

Kan 11 Broadcasting Corporation journalist Michael Shemesh, who works as a political reporter, posted on his X (Twitter) account an amusing incident that occurred at the supermarket while he was buying beer. The seller did not believe that he was over 18.

"Finishing a saga with the cashier at the Shufersel supermarket over a beer I put in the cart." Petah Shemesh "I was not able to prove to her and the manager in any way that I passed the age of 18. A photo ID/passport is considered fake in their eyes. Children are no help, Customers who recognized me from the screen are probably liars. In short, don't forget the ID card." The tweet received Lots of publicity and lots of humorous comments.

As mentioned, Shemesh is already over 18. He is married and the father of two children, 26 years old. He did his IDF military service in the Israeli army radio station (Galei Zahal) as a reporter at the Knesset, He is the station's first ultra-Orthodox reporter.


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