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Picture of the Day: This is What Hangs on the D9 Combat Engineers' Barrel

Operators of the Engineering Equipment who operate the D9 bulldozers in Gaza hang dozens of photos on the tractors, sent to them by children of Israel along with well-wishes and blessings. This is our Picture of the Day.

(Photo: Srugim)

Together we will win. The fighters enter Gaza together with the wishes of the children of Israel.

Photos sent by children of Israel, along with blessings for the soldiers and wishes for victory in battle, are hung on the D9 bulldozer operating in the Gaza Strip by the operators of the Engineering Equipment (Tzama). The pages and drawings were sent together with care packages and food that were distributed to the soldiers in the assembly areas.

The result is an intriguing combination of the power and destruction of engineering equipment, along with colorful children's drawings that are filled with vibrancy, innocence, and optimism.

(Photo: Srugim)


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Brazil, Israel-Gaza War

Following his statement against Israel: Brazilian president in danger of impeachment?

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Tanks, snipers, and fighter jets: How a terrorist squad was eliminated | Watch

The IDF continues fighting in the north, center, and south of the Gaza Strip, eliminating terrorist squads that tried to attack our forces. 

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Israel-Gaza War, Yahya Sinwar

Report: Israel believes Sinwar has fled to Egypt

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Houthi Attack

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Brazil's Holocaust comparison

Foreign Minister Katz: Brazil's President - a persona non grata in Israel

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Netanyahu considering creation of Palestinian state in return for improved ties with the Arab world

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US-Israel relations

Report: Biden administration considered imposing sanctions on Israel

With tensions between Netanyahu and Biden at an all-time high, it was reported that last month the US administration considered imposing a significant package of sanctions on Israel.

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Report: US making "dangerous" demands from Israel

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Israel-Gaza War

Mahmoud Abbas to Hamas: Free the hostages to protect our people

The PA chairman called on Hamas to free the hostages and avoid further suffering.

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Israel-Hamas War

Report: US investigating Israel's 'violations' in Gaza

An American report claims that the White House has been investigating Israeli 'wrongdoings' in Gaza.

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Fighting in Gaza

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Medics recorded the rescue of a seriously wounded officer, administering life-saving first-aid and lifting him out of the combat zone by helicopter.

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