Gila Sacks: "Do Not Despair"

Despair is not a Jewish Emotion: The Moving Speech of Gila Sacks. Watch

"Despair is not an emotion of the Jewish people. Do not despair, do not forget why we are here." Watch the moving speech of Gila Sacks, daughter of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at the memorial service at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Gila Saks (photo by Lior Edri)

Gila Saks, the daughter of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ztz"l - the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain - who passed away two years ago, spoke at a memorial service, held about two weeks ago at Carnegie Hall in New York. In her words, she brought up what her father would have said about the difficult time the people of Israel are going through in Israel and in the diaspora: "Despair - is not an emotion of the Jewish people. Don't give up, don't forget why we are here."

Following the speech, Sacks was contacted by Israeli artists who saw the speech and asked for permission to edit it with photos and video clips from the last weeks of the war in Israel. The moving result brings her words to all corners of the world.

Gila Saks' speech (edited by Lior Edri)


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