Released Abductees

The Brodetz Siblings who were Released from Gaza Met their Beloved Dog

The Brodetz siblings, who were released from Hamas captivity two days ago as part of the third round, met at the hospital with their dog Rodney. Schneider Hospital: "The family members knew that nothing would make them happier than meeting their beloved dog." Watch.

The Brodetz brothers who were released from captivity with their dog (Photo: Schneider)

After they were released from captivity of Hamas, a particularly moving meeting took place yesterday (Monday) in the released children's department of the Schneider Hospital between Oriya, Yuval and Ofri Brodetz, who met for the first time since their release, with Rodney, their dog. According to the Schneider Hospital, "the family members knew that nothing would make them happier than meeting their beloved dog, and they made sure to bring him to the ward."

The exciting meeting (Photo: Schneider)

About two days ago, the Brodetz brothers and their mother returned to Israel after they were kidnapped in the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7. Their father Avichai became famous after he published a photo in which he is seen sitting on a chair alone and holding a sign that reads: "My family is in Gaza."


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