The Start and End of Shabbat

The times for the start and end of Shabbat for Parshat Nitzavim-Vayeilech, 5783

Parshat Nitzavim is always read on the Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah. In years when there is no Shabbat between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, Parshat Vayeilech is read together with it. The times for the start and end of Shabbat

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Parashat Nitzavim is the eighth weekly Torah portion in Sefer Dvarim. It begins with Chapter 29, Verse 9, and concludes with Chapter 30, Verse 20.

Parshat Nitzavim is always read on the Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah. This portion marks the beginning of the series of the final four Torah portions: Nitzavim, Vayeilech, Ha'azinu, and Zot HaBerachah, which are also the four shortest portions in the Torah. In years when there is no Shabbat between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, Parshat Vayeilech is read together with it.

Shabbat beginning and end times


- Candle lighting: 18:19

- Havdalah: 19:29

Tel Aviv:

- Candle lighting: 18:45

- Havdalah: 19:41


- Candle lighting: 18:29

- Havdalah: 19:31

Be'er Sheva:

- Candle lighting: 18:45

- Havdalah: 19:40


- Candle lighting: 18:39

- Havdalah: 19:30

Gush Etzion:

- Candle lighting: 18:39

- Havdalah: 19:30


- Candle lighting: 18:25

- Havdalah: 19:30


- Candle lighting: 18:24

- Havdalah: 19:28

Safed (Tzfat):

- Candle lighting: 18:29

- Havdalah: 19:30


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