"Israel Will Prevail"

Aviv Alush: "The struggle is about our consciousness."

The actor Aviv Alush addressed the torn situation in the country and the conflicts between the two sides of the protest in his Instagram page, and called for the people to unite: "The truth will grow from the land."

(Screenshot from Instagram)

The actor Aviv Alush, who previously referred to the judicial reform with a thoughtful and optimistic post, uploaded yesterday (Monday) the viral video from the train station in Jerusalem and called for unity.

"Throughout history, there have always been those who plot against us over a cup of coffee, trying to destroy and separate us," wrote the actor. "We have tried all possible ways and failed, and now the struggle is about our consciousness to create division and disagreements, and the more, the better. The war of Gog and Magog, the crazy ideas – it all depends on our consciousness, but Israel will prevail because it does not lie, and 'there is none beside Him,' and there is no chance that He will allow it to happen. Why? Because there is a purpose."

The actor argues that precisely now, amidst all the chaos we are going through, love, commitment, and responsibility are blossoming - "a connection to the roots and belonging to this land and this people. The lie that covers the truth will eventually unravel and crumble, for that is the end of every falsehood, and the truth will grow from the land and meet precisely in the middle, between the right and the left, between the descending steps and the ascending steps, amid the complexity of the contradictions."

Alush compares the complexity and contradictions to the symbol of the state, the Star of David: "Two opposing triangles, and at the point in the middle lies the peace."


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