Facts in Honor of Today's International Avocado Day

In honor of Avocado Day: interesting facts you didn't know

In honor of International Avocado Day today, we have collected for you a number of interesting facts about the beloved and delicious fruit that managed to surprise us too

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In honor of International Avocado Day celebrated today (31.07), we have explored the beloved fruit and brought you some interesting facts about one of Israel's favorite fruits. Avocado is a subtropical fruit (yes, it is a fruit and not a vegetable) that originally comes from Central America. The first avocado trees were brought to Israel by monks from the Latrun Monastery in 1920, and the first cultivated avocado trees in Israel were planted at the Mikveh Israel Agricultural School.

From a Halachic perspective, on an avocado, we say the blessing "Borei Pri HaEtz" (the one who creates the fruit of the tree), unless it is completely mashed, in which case we say the blessing "Shehakol." Avocado is one of the most successful fruits in Israel and is used to make various salads and spreads. It is considered a "superfood" and is important for vegetarians and vegans among us to consume because it contains complete protein and essential amino acids.

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Avocado contains unsaturated fat and a high amount of vitamins B, A, E, C, K, and folic acid. It also contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium, making it a "superfood" with valuable and high-quality nutritional values.

Different avocado varieties grow and ripen at different times of the year. Thus, there are varieties that can be found in summer, such as the 'Galil' avocado, and others that are available in winter, like the 'Fuerte' avocado. Additionally, each avocado variety has a specific target fat percentage it needs to reach before being picked. Otherwise, it is not suitable for consumption.

For example, the "Galil" variety requires 18% fat content in the fruit for it to be ready for picking, while the "Fuerte" avocado needs 22% fat content.

One interesting fact about the popular fruit is the "Avocado Cartel War" in Mexico. In Mexico, avocados are considered "green gold," and there is a full-fledged war among local crime organizations over avocado plantations. Cartels seize control of local farmers' avocado orchards using extreme violence, resulting in numerous casualties.


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