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The end of hummus and chocolate: this is how you will improve the children's school lunch

Looking for a new idea for the children's school lunch? Just before the school year, we have organized for you several ideas for a nutritious and tasty meal, which will keep your child healthy and give him or her energy to continue the day

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In just a moment, the new school year will begin, bringing with it the challenge of finding variety in sandwiches and school lunches for the children. The new year opens a door to a fresh start of healthy eating, providing the children with the energy they need for the rest of the school day. We've gathered a few ideas to help you diversify your child's most important meal of the day.


The familiar and beloved sandwich often takes the spotlight in our children's school lunchboxes, but it can be made a bit healthier. Use whole grain bread/pita/bun with a nutritious spread like cheese, pesto, tahini, or avocado. Add some protein, such as egg or tuna, and on the side include some cut vegetables.

Crackers and dips

Crackers can also be satisfying, when they come alongside dips like white cheese or yogurt. You can put cut vegetables aside and also dip them.

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Leave the chocolate out and put vegetables, cheeses and olives inside the muffins, or even make baked vegetable fritters. Of course, you can also add fresh cut vegetables on the side.


Pancakes usually give us the connotation of something tasty and unhealthy, but if they are prepared on the basis of spelt flour, they can be a great and nutritious meal, along with maple syrup, fruit and natural yogurt.

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Healthy skewers

Roll pieces of omelet with yellow cheese and vegetables on a skewer, and here you have a healthy and cool meal, which will make your child gobble it up quickly.


Is your child tired of the classic sandwich? Roll a tortilla with tuna salad or pesto spread and add an omelette and vegetables. You can also cut the tortilla into slices to make it easier for your child.

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If you've invested in a nutritious and nourishing meal but your child refuses to eat, try upgrading the meal to make it more enjoyable for the child. We eat with our eyes first, so make use of colorful lunchboxes, special food cuts, and even add sweet notes with well wishes for a successful day.

Tips courtesy of Ayelet Martin, chief dietician at Sodexo


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