Israel-Gaza War

Google: Hamas faked rocket siren apps to spy on Israelis

A Google report reveals that Hamas is trying to identify the locations of Israelis by penetrating their phones using spyware installed on the device.

Illustration (Shutterstock)

Last week the search giant Google published a cyber report revealing Iranian and Hamas methods of attacking the State of Israel and its citizens online.

While the reported data shows that there were no changes in Iranian cyber attacks on October 7, which indicates Iran's lack of clear knowledge of the timing of the Hamas attack, it is evident that since the beginning of the operation Gaza, Iran has tried to undermine public support for the war.

It also appears that Hamas tries and sometimes succeeds attacking Israeli devices and accessing their data and location. One of the methods used is the distribution of an app that simulates a siren attack warning. Updates sent to users include viruses and spyware through which Hamas is able to track the correspondence and location of citizens.


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