Terrorist attack

Arabs attack Jewish shepherd whose mother was murdered in Hamas attack

A gang of Arabs attacked a Jewish shepherd  near Yatir in Judea and Samaria. The man's mother and founder of the farm was murdered during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack when she went to visit her grandchildren in southern Israel.

Jewish shepherd attacked by Arabs (Photo: No credit)

Yesterday (Tuesday), eight Arabs attacked Yedidya Talia - a shepherd from the Hebron Hills adjacent to the settlement of Yatir. Talia was taken to the hospital after one of the rocks thrown by the Arabs hit him in the head. Four of the perpetrators were detained by the IDF.

During the attack, Talia was able to call security forces while protecting his herd. Medics provided him with initial medical treatment and he was taken to the hospital for further care.

Yesterday's attack comes as Yedidya's brother, Bezalel, has been away with the army since the war in Gaza broke out. The Arabs who took part in the attack apparently tried to take advantage of his absence. According to Talia, some of the attackers were even employed in the nearby settlement of Beit Yatir until the outbreak of hostilities.

Yedidya's mother, Marcel, was murdered during the Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel when she was visiting her grandchildren in Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. Bezalel tried to rescue his mother after receiving a phone call notifying him that they were under attack. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it in time and Marcel was brutally murdered.

The farm responded to yesterday's incident: "Arab rioters from the nearby village tried again to undermine our hold on this land, attacking Yedidya, who was grazing the farm's flock of sheep in the pastures. No terrorist attacks - no matter how violent they are - will weaken our struggle to keep the homeland in Jewish hands. We will only grow stronger, and God willing, the farm will continue to flourish."


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