Israel-Gaza War

Mahmoud Abbas: Israel to enter Rafah in the coming days

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas claimed that Israel is expected to invade Hamas's last stronghold in the Gaza Strip in the coming days.

Mahmoud Abbas (Photo: Flash90)

During the World Economic Forum being held in Riyadh, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claimed today (Sunday) that the IDF will enter Rafah in the coming days, the Reuters news agency network reported.

"I am concerned that Israel will try to take Palestinians out of the West Bank after it is done with the Gaza Strip. The US is the only country that can stop Israel from attacking Rafah. We demand the cessation of fighting and the provision of aid to the Gaza Strip," Abbas was quoted as saying. A few days ago, senior IDF officials told Srugim/JFeed that the army is prepared for a broad operation in the southern city.

At the same time, Egypt is trying to prevent the IDF's incursion into Rafah. This week, the Qatari channel Al-Araby reported that the Egyptians, together with the heads of Israel's Mossad and Shin Bet, discussed various initiatives to bridge gaps between Israel and Hamas on hostage negotiations.

Yesterday, a political official denied reports according to which Israel has agreed to the Egyptian hostage deal that includes an end to the war in Gaza.


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