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Actress Shira Haas wins jury prize for 'Night Therapy' at Monte Carlo TV festival

The Jury Prize recognizes Israeli actress's Shira Haas's outstanding performance in "Night Therapy," a gritty TV show about life after bereavement.

Israeli actress Shira Haas receives the prize for Best Supporting Actress at the Ophir Awards ceremony, Ashdod. (Photo by Flash90)

International recognition continues to shine on Israel's burgeoning television industry, as two productions involving harrowing subject matter garnered major honors this week.

At the prestigious Monte Carlo Television Festival, the new drama series "Night Therapy" was singled out when its star, Israeli actress Shira Haas, received the Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance. The gripping program, which explores the emotional toll of bereavement, has struck a chord amidst Israel's spate of deadly conflict, as reported by Ynet and JPost.

In a video message, the 28-year-old Ms. Haas said, "Night Therapy is about healing, about grief, about love – and I love this series so much." She thanked the show's creators for this "meaningful" project on a "personal level." She also paid tribute to her mother, who represented one of those cruel losses that give "Night Therapy" its raw authenticity.

Meanwhile, the Golden Nymph for Best Drama went to an international television production whose searing narrative centered on the anguish arising from the very same conflict engulfing Israel.

The eight-part series took inspiration from the traumatic real-life events of last October. Its searing visuals recreated the chaos, coping, and seemingly eternal aftershocks of a vicious terror attack and hostage crisis that roiled the nation.

Ultimately, the show's international success stands as emblematic of an Israeli cultural renaissance, its film and television industries increasingly asserting themselves on the global stage.

It's a renaissance marked both by historical dramas of warfare and strife, as well as diverse comedic accomplishments far from the arena of conflict. Yet what links these vastly disparate undertakings is a fundamental recognition of the urgency of making sense of a region in constant upheaval.

In that context, "Night Therapy" is a creative triumph that seeks to offer a singular perspective on one of humanity's most universal yearnings – the journey toward healing.


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