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Report: ISIS-Linked Terrorists Planned Attack in Jerusalem

For the second time within a month, security forces arrested 2 Arab residents of East Jerusalem on suspicion of planning attacks. In a search conducted in their homes, materials for preparing explosives and detonation devices were found. Indictments will be filed against both individuals.

Hamas flag found at scene (Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit)

Israeli Border Police and Shin Bet arrested two East Jerusalem Arabs identified with the Islamic State terrorist organization ("ISIS").

Last month, an investigation was initiated by the Shin Bet and the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District, suspecting the preparation of explosives for terrorist attacks and affiliation with the ISIS terrorist organization. Following the investigation, on December 26, detectives from the Jerusalem District, together with Border Police officers, arrested two terrorists (ages 19 and 20 from Ras al-Amud) in their homes in East Jerusalem.

During the search conducted at their homes, various chemical materials intended for making explosives, flags of the ISIS and Hamas terrorist organizations, and a notebook detailing the preparation of explosive materials were seized, along with other findings.

A notebook for preparing explosives (Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit)

The two individuals purchased chemical materials for making explosives.

According to the investigation, the terrorists pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization and acquired chemical materials for making explosives. They planned to manufacture explosive devices and means of sabotage for carrying out attacks targeting civilians and security forces in the Jerusalem area. Law enforcement and Shin Bet uncovered their intentions and arrested them before they could execute the attacks. Today, an indictment will be filed against them by the prosecutor's office.

It was further revealed that the two had accessed ISIS-related content on the internet before their arrest, and they did not manage to obtain all the materials they had planned to assemble for the explosive devices due to their arrest. Following the conclusion of the investigation by the Shin Bet and the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, a solid evidentiary basis was established against the two terrorists, and charges were filed against them last week. Their detention has been extended until today (January 22), and today, the indictments will be filed against them in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court.

ISIS flags seized at the scene (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Just a week and a half ago, indictments were filed following an investigation by the Jerusalem District Police and the Shin Bet against two additional terrorists supportive of ISIS, who also planned to carry out terrorist attacks using explosive devices. According to the authorities, in the past year, with the assistance of the Shin Bet, the police thwarted dozens of attacks and attempted attacks in the Jerusalem area.

This success was attributed to the collaborative efforts between the intelligence and investigative departments and the swift response and professionalism of the police and Border Police officers operating in various sectors. Israel's law enforcement and security agencies will continue their joint efforts to combat terrorism and arrest terrorists to protect the citizens of the State of Israel.


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