Report: This will be Israel's response to Iranian attack

American sources believe that Israel's response to the missile attack from Iran will be carried out against affiliates of the Revolutionary Guards outside the country.

Israeli fighter jet (Photo: Oz Zidon/Flash90)

Two and a half days have passed since the Iranian missile attack on Israel, and it appears that the only question that remains is how the Jewish State will respond to the strike.

Four American officials who were interviewed by the NBC network referred to Israel's expected response and said they believe it will be carried out outside Iran's borders. "We estimate that the Israeli response will target Iranian forces and branches of the Revolutionary Guards - outside Iran," the sources were quoted as saying.

In the meantime, new details about the attack in Iran show that Jordan allowed Israel's fighter jets to operate in its airspace, intercepting Iranian missiles, an Air Force source told NBC.

Iran was outraged that Jordan took part in the interception, and threatened to make it "the next target."

According to an Air Force source quoted by the NBC network, Jordan allowed Israel's fighter jets to operate in its airspace, intercepting Iranian missiles. Jordanian sources are denying, however, that the country entered a state of emergency during the attack. Local media attempted to alleviate fears by broadcasting regular programs.

Meanwhile in Israel, preparations are reportedly being made for a military response that will likely include attacks against the Iranian military and proxy militias supported by Tehran.


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