Israel-Gaza War, Lag Ba'Omer

Knesset set to vote on restricted wartime arrangements for Lag Ba'Omer

The Knesset's National Security Committee approved a law determining arrangements for the traditional Lag Ba'Omer celebrations on Mount Meron under threat of Hezbollah rockets.

Threat of Hezbollah missiles means no celebrations like this now. (Photo: David Cohen/Flash90)

The Knesset National Security Committee approved a law last night (Tuesday) proposal determining wartime arrangements on Mount Meron for Lag Ba’Omer for a second the third vote.

The goal of the law is to ensure the traditional Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai celebrations take place in a limited fashion due to the border war with Hezbollah and the clear danger to civilians.

The law proposal proposes a central lighting ceremony at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s grave, as well as two other lighting ceremonies at the Bnei Akiva site, subject to a special permit from Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Meir Porush and at different times.

Only these events will have the presence of up to thirty non-residents with special permits – 10 participants per event – aside from emergency and security personnel.

To allow prayer at the grave marker, the minister will permit the participation of up to 30 representatives of the relatives of those who died in the Meron disaster, as well we Meron residents and an appropriate proportion of women. In addition, the minister will determine procedures with the journalists’ union to allow five journalists from different medias to be present at the grave and the Bnei Akiva site.

Journalists can register for the event at the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry in Jerusalem, and the people selected to attend will follow IDF Spokesperson procedures, with other journalists being provided service.

The law proposal establishes a fixed administrative fine based on the Penal Law of 1977 for those present at the Meron site or the other ceremonial sites without a permit. Furthermore, any who organize or conduct a lighting or organize or conduct another event during the ceremonies or who rent out rooms for those without permits will also be fined.


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