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Gantz files proposal for State Commission of Inquiry for October 7

Minister and war cabinet member Benny Gantz said he believes the commission would "send an important and unifying message to the Israeli public."

Benny Gantz. (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

State Camp party chairman and war cabinet member Benny Gantz submitted a proposal today (Sunday) to the government secretary to form a state commission of inquiry for the events of October 7 and the subsequent Swords of Iron War.

The commission will investigate the period before the war, decision making at the military and political level, and conduct during the war itself.

According to the proposal, the following subjects will be examined:

  • Decision making at the political and defense level prior to the war, including the various operations conducted in the Gaza Strip in everything regarding a general multi-front war, the Gaza Strip in general, terror organizations and the Hamas organization in particular, as well as threats on the border with Lebanon and Syria, both in the essential and procedural aspects and any other aspect as needed.
  • The political and defense leadership policy and decision making regarding the defense and protection of the State of Israel’s border areas in the pre-war period.
  • Preparations, alertness, readiness, and influences of the defense and intelligence bodies, including the government ministries, the civilian systems, and any other relevant party, as well as the coping with and conduct during the events of October 7 and during the war, both in security contexts and as regards the subsequent general political functioning in various areas.
  • The events of October 7 and the Swords of Iron war including the actions and processes at all levels of the political and defense leadership levels, including regarding meeting the commitments imposed by international law on the State of Israel in running the war.

The commission will examine all the facts and factors related to the attack on Israel as it occurred on October 7 and the Swords of Iron war, and will determine findings and conclusions in everything regarding the totality of the aspects of events. The commission will conduct an accounting of the results of its investigation, conclusions, and recommendations and will submit the report to the government as soon as possible in light of the importance of the matters being examined.

Gantz ended the proposal by saying that “the events subject to this decision affected every home in Israel and arouse a series of vital issues at the political and military levels, alongside civilian aspects regarding the protection of the rear and handling of the evacuees.”

“In addition, these days there is clear political value (in showing) that Israel has independent and professional systems capable of reaching and investigating the truth on the various issues related to managing the military campaign at the military and political level. Establishing a state commission of inquiry will send an important and unifying message to the Israeli public that all the systems of government and defense and their leaders are committed to be examined in-depth, objectively and professionally, which seeks to begin the national healing process, returning public trust, and strengthening national resilience.”


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